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Do you want to know how to resolve conflict with your partner? Today, our Hollywood dating experts here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service will share a guide with you on how to win a fight with your partner.

At times, relationships can feel like there is too much pressure, but you must carefully move along in order to keep the relationship stress-free and avoid getting into unnecessary arguments with your partner. One false move and there you have it, you have upset the balance of the entire relationship and both of you have fallen into an argument/fight. If when both of you get into an argument you always find yourself losing or caving into their demands, use the following helpful tips from our Hollywood dating experts to make sure your voice is heard. You never know, you might end up getting your own way the next time a fight happens. And we’ll help you walk away with your head held high by resolving it maturely.

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Win a Fight by: Listening

When your partner accuses you of spending too much time with your friends or not contributing enough with the house chores and duties, it can be really difficult to listen to them. Naturally, the first thing you’re going to do is get into defensive mode, which means you will not be able to listen to a word they are saying to you. This will be very frustrating for you and your partner, and we know it won’t help you win the argument.

Instead, when your partner is accusing you of something or when you feel hurt by something they have said or done, you need to take a deep breath and really listen to what they’re saying. This way you’ll really be able to understand how they’re feeling and you can come back with something to explain yourself. Plus, by listening to them you will be able to get a deeper understanding of their perspective, which will help both of you come up with a solution together.

Win a Fight by: Taking Deep Breaths

Arguments in a relationship are known for getting heated, and most of us see red when we are arguing with our partners, but losing your temper doesn’t help you one single bit when winning an argument; actually, it does the complete opposite. When you lose your temper, you become an irrational monster, coming off as erratic and inarticulate, both qualities that will not help you win an argument. What you’re actually doing here is helping your partner win the fight against you.

Instead, what our Hollywood dating experts recommend you to do is take a few deep breaths and make a conscious effort not to scream at your partner. When you begin a shouting match the situation will quickly escalate and a small disagreement can quickly turn into a huge fight. Our Hollywood dating experts want you to remember that a controlled and quiet voice is way more powerful than screaming at the top of your lungs.


Win a Fight by: Gathering Evidence

If watching reruns of CSI: Miami and Law and Order: SVU have taught us anything, it’s that if you want to win an argument or a case, you must have hard evidence. If you want to win an argument against your partner, then you need to have solid evidence proving you are right.
Next time your partner accuses you of spending too much money on shoes or too much time at the poker table, be armed and ready to tell them about all the times you worked overtime in the last month or how you did not go out for a month straight because you spent quality time with them. Come up with examples of when you saved money and gently point out that they have also spent their fair share of money.

Or, you can remind them of how many weeks you stayed in watching movies together instead of going out and spending money on the town.

Being prepared with solid evidence and using it to back up your point will help you the next time an argument arises.

How to Win a Fight: Be Realistic

There is no quicker way to lose an argument than being unrealistic. If you are claiming things that are clearly not true, then your partner is going to have a good laugh at you and win the argument.

Avoid claiming things like “You’re never here” even though you and your partner live in the same house. Instead, be realistic. If you don’t feel your partner spends enough quality time with you, then tell them “Although I see you every evening and every morning, I don’t think we spend enough quality time together. This is why when you go out on weekends, I don’t feel like I get to spend time with you.” Swapping generalizations for realisms will make your argument stronger and make it very hard for your partner to have a comeback.

How to Win a Fight:

A good argument is all about having structure, yet when you are in the middle of a heated argument and insults are coming out of
everyone’s mouth, it can be very difficult to have the structure you need. Your thoughts will become jumbled and excuses will come out of your mouth with no real sense of point; however, our Hollywood dating experts want you to remember to breathe and take it easy.
Taking some breaths, calming down, and remember this simple structure will help you come across as mature and help your partner see things from your perspective. You need to stand for your point of view, you need to have evidence of why you’re backing your point of view, and finally, you need to make a comment. This is where you explain yourself regarding the situation at hand. So using this structure, if you want to explain that you are not a lazy partner, you would say something along the lines of “I am not lazy. Yesterday I cleaned the entire house while you sat and watched TV.” There, you made your point that you are not lazy and that you did something productive around the house. Using this simple little structure should help you win an argument with your partner or at least come to a mature resolution together.

The next time you feel an argument brewing remember these helpful tips from our dating and relationship experts here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service. When following these tips you’ll be able to solve conflict in a mature and respectful way, strengthening your relationship instead of leaving you both feeling worn out.

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