Why Quality Single Men in Los Angeles Are Hard to Find

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Contrary to your previous dating disasters, quality single men in Los Angeles do exist. No, really! Don’t laugh, they do. They simply require a little extra effort on your part in order to find them.

Why does finding a quality guy feel like looking for a needle in a haystack? Even if you let go of your high standards, expectations, and delusions about your ideal man, good guys still seem elusive. Even if you’re the most beautiful and successful woman, quality guys are hard to come by. But why is that?

Let our Los Angeles matchmakers show you why quality single men in Los Angeles are so hard to find in today’s dating scene.

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1. He’s in hiding mode.

One of the most difficult things about looking for a quality guy is figuring out where to look. Quality guys will not be trolling the dating apps like Tinder and Bumble. You’re never going to see them at a crowded bar hitting on women or at noisy clubs. As frustrating as this might sound, this is actually good. His absence of the typical dating watering holes means you have to think long and hard to know where you’re going to find him. Plus, it shows that he’s looking for something meaningful.

2. He hasn’t matured yet.

Looking around your peers, it might feel like the good guy gene skipped a full generation. It seems like every guy you meet is further from boyfriend material, or it seems like all your friends already snagged them up. But maybe the gene did not skip a generation. Maybe he hasn’t matured just yet. As we all know, women mature faster than men. So give him a little time and maybe he’ll become a good guy down the road.

3. You’re single, he’s taken.

There’s nothing more frustrating than mustering up the courage to walk up to a guy only to find out he’s already taken. Not only does this destroy your ego, but it’s downright frustrating. Unfortunately, good guys are limited in supply and very high in demand. While this might be irritating for you today, who knows if the relationship will last. You might end up with one of those guys yourself.

4. You’re stuck in your ways.

When you finally meet a good guy, sometimes you get turned off by the assumption that he’s boring. He calls you when he says he will, shows up on time, and does all the right things. So why don’t you like him? Maybe it’s the fact that you miss the drama that came with an immature relationship. But that’s not boring, it’s called reliable. Good guys are great because you can depend on them for everything. This isn’t a flaw—it’s a perk. Don’t penalize him for being everything you’re looking for in a partner.

5. Men have a lot of options.

Even good guys are becoming bad now simply because of the hookup culture saturating the LA dating scene. It’s like they have a buffet of options to choose from every single day. So why should they only choose one woman when they have hundreds at their fingertips? You are not going to want to eat pizza for every meal for the rest of your life, are you? You want variety, and that’s exactly what men want. Men these days have too many choices and find it very difficult to commit to one.

We know it can seem like mission impossible to find quality single men in Los Angeles. But don’t worry, because they do exist. And they’re already in our database. If you’re single and want to meet quality men in LA, contact our matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles today. To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!


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