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As a West Los Angeles matchmaking service with over 30 years in the LA dating industry, we know women stress themselves out trying to figure out how a guy really feels for them. This is especially true when she’s head over heels and hasn’t heard those magic words from her guy.

Are you wondering how your guy feels for you? Has he yet to say those three little words?

Has your boyfriend brought you coffee just the way you like it in the morning? Has he invited you to stay over at his place and made you a delicious breakfast in bed? You might have found a keeper without realizing it.

The problem with men is that they’re not as vocal about their feelings, and some find it extremely difficult to express their emotions. But just because he hasn’t said those magic three little words doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.

Today, our West Los Angeles matchmaking service is going to reveal the top signs he’s in love. These are little ways he shows you he loves you without saying a word.

1. He lingers around.

If your guy engages in an activities together and is always close to you, it’s a sign he’s in love. He wants to be super close to you. He might even find reasons to be close to you, such as by helping you prepare the meal or walking the dogs with you at the park. He might also find reasons to touch you, such as by brushing his arm against yours or taking your hand during your romantic walk in the park. He’ll encourage quality time together, inside and outside of your home.

2. He laughs with you.

You might not find this point as important when you first think about it, but it actually does mean a lot. Straight and simple – if a man is in love with you, ladies, he will laugh at all your jokes. He’ll make you feel like you are the funniest and most entertaining person in the world. This is a great sign that this guy is totally in love with you.

3. He tells you his feelings.

When it comes to opening up to a partner, men have a hard time doing it. So if a man can open up to you and tell you how he feels about you and the relationship, he’s showing that he’s really in love with you. He doesn’t have to say those magic words, but he’ll give you compliments and go out of his way to show you that he values you. And if you notice that he is confiding in you instead of his friends, you know his heart belongs to you.

4. He goes out of his way.

Do you feel like he goes out of his way to make time for you? Does he rearrange his schedule and give up some of his own hobbies and interests to make it to special events with you?

Keep in mind that everyone has a busy life today, whether that involves doing their work or other priorities in life which they need to attend. So if he is making a point of always being in your company, it means more than words can say.

When a man is really in love and wants to make things serious, spending time with you will automatically become his number one priority. He will make room for you in his busy schedule.

5. He makes future plans with you.

This might not sound like a big deal, but don’t overlook it. Even if it’s just weekend plans, it still means a lot. If he accepts your invites – or better yet, initiates dates on his own, he looks forward to spending his free time with you. If he is thinking even further down the road, that’s even better news for you. Perhaps he’s mentioned attending a wedding with you or even brought up the idea of a vacation together. If that’s the case, he plans on keeping you around.

So if you’ve been driving yourself nuts trying to figure out where your guy’s heart lies, take a look at his everyday behavior. Do you notice any of these five signs? If so, you can rest assured he’s head over heels for you too – even if he hasn’t come out and said those magical words just yet.

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