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It happens to many men in Los Angeles.  One moment they think they found the perfect woman and the next they realize they’re dating a woman with a few screws missing.  Welcome to crazy town!

The LA dating scene is by no means easy to navigate.  You’re bound to come across single women in Los Angeles who aren’t relationship-worthy.  And dating one of these women will make for one hell of a tough time for you.  To help you avoid dating this type of woman, our Los Angeles matchmakers have composed a list of red flags you should be looking for to ensure you don’t end up with a woman like this.

Can’t tell if your current girlfriend is the one?  Meeting single women in Los Angeles can be tough, so let us help you figure out if your new love interest is worth your time.  If she displays the following behaviors, she clearly isn’t the one for you.

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1. She has a text obsession.

One surefire way to tell that the woman you’re dating has a few screws missing is by her texting behaviors.  Does she blow your phone up at all hours of the day and night?  Does she expect you to answer her texts immediately?  Does she call you if you don’t answer a text message?

It might have seemed flattering at first to have a woman text and call you all the time, but our Los Angeles matchmakers know these behaviors show an underlying problem.  She wreaks of desperation.

2. She has admitted to doing crazy things in the past.

Has your girlfriend admitted to you that she keyed her ex’s car?  Did she tell you that she has a lot of drama in her life?  Although the stories might have had you laughing, they are not laughing matters.  If a woman admits to crazy behaviors, it’s a sign of what’s to come down the road for you.

3. She is already stalking you.

We know that women can be nosy and they’re known for doing a little snooping here and there.  This is especially true when the relationship is new and fresh.  And although everyone is a little curious, there should be limits.  Your new woman shouldn’t try to high-jack your social media accounts, nor should she be snooping around in your phone when you leave it unattended.  If you notice this type of behavior, it’s a sign she’s untrusting and jealous, which spells big trouble for you.

4. She hates every woman she sees.

It is normal for women to be jealous of each other; after all, they are very competitive.  But if your girlfriend is always badmouthing every woman she sees, then it’s clear she hates every woman, which indicates insecurities.  And believe us, it will spell trouble for you in the relationship.

5. She denies stories about her past.

The two of you have been dating for a month or two now, and you have started meeting her friends.  At get togethers, friends tell you stories about her, but your girlfriend denies them all.  You might have even heard a crazy story about some of the things she did to her ex.  If your girlfriend is very sensitive about her past, it’s because she is hiding something from you.

6. It’s all lies with her.

It’s hard to meet quality single women in Los Angeles, but you should not be stuck with a liar.  If a woman you’re dating is always telling you lies, whether they’re small or big, you need to draw the line.  This type of woman is filled with nothing but drama.  And we all know a drama-filled life spills over to romantic relationships.

7. She gives you weird surprises.

Who doesn’t love to receive a present from their girlfriend?  Everyone does.  But what you don’t like is having your girlfriend show up at your work unannounced for the 4th time this week.  Frequently showing up uninvited is a warning sign for you.  It’s not only annoying, but this clingy behavior can be very unhealthy in a relationship.

8. She gets fired up over anything.

Everyone gets fired up when something major goes wrong in life, and it’s understandable.  But how does this woman react to everyday issues?  If she punches the wall if the mail doesn’t get there on time and is about to crack her laptop over her knee because her computer is freezing, then it’s clear she has issues.  If a woman you’re dating has bad behavioral problems, stay clear of her.

9. She is always manipulating you.

Manipulation is a crazy woman’s forte.  Examples of manipulation include getting what she wants by using sex, not texting back on purpose to make you go insane worrying if she’s okay, using puppy-dog-eyes to get what she wants, or giving flat out ultimatums.  Women are known for using things like this to manipulate men into doing what they want.  Remember that the right woman will never manipulate you into doing something.

10. She doesn’t like stability.

It’s no secret that many single women in Los Angeles stay clear of committed relationships.  If you found a woman who is afraid of commitment, walk away now before you have your heart broken.  This type of woman is only in it for the fun, not get serious.  Emotionally unavailable women will leave you heartbroken and with a sour taste for dating.

Meeting single women in Los Angeles isn’t easy, especially when you’re serious about dating.  If you continue meeting women who have a few screws missing, it’s time to try a new approach to dating.  Here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service, we specialize in introducing relationship-minded women to elite men.  If you want something serious, it’s time to leave the crazy women behind and meet someone who is serious about finding love.

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