Top 10 Reasons Single Women in Beverly Hills Can’t Find Love

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Are you like the thousands of single women in Beverly Hills who is frustrated because you can’t find a loving relationship?  Are you attractive, successful, and ready to settle down, yet can’t find what you’re looking for in the fast-paced and chaotic LA dating scene?

As the leading matchmaking service in Los Angeles, we’re here to tell you some good and bad news.  The bad news is that you probably don’t realize there are a few things you’re doing yourself that are preventing you from finding love.  The good news is that we’re going to show you what those things are so you can stop sabotaging your luck in love.

After reading this insightful dating blog, you’ll increase your chances of finding love in Beverly Hills and could potentially meet the man you’ve been searching for your whole life.  While you shouldn’t change yourself for love, there might be a few things you’re doing that are scaring men away.  If you are doing any of these things, don’t expect to find a relationship anytime soon.  Get ready to do a little self-reflecting and be totally honest with yourself; after all, that’s the only way to improve your romantic life and find the man you’re looking for.


1. Faking It

While you are looking for the perfect man, you might believe that you need to be perfect to get his attention.  We all have a few things we could improve, but outright faking aspects of your life just to get a man is going to backfire on you.

Whether you pretend to be into football, burgers and beer, or into history, it won’t be long before he finds out the truth.  You cannot keep up a façade for that long until the truth comes out in the open.  You need to be your true self, flaws and all, and the right man will love your regardless.

2. Idealizing What a Relationship Should Be

Do you picture in your head what a relationship should be like?  You need to realize one thing: everyone has flaws, even the perfect man.  You can’t expect your relationship to be sunshine and rainbows all the time, because it won’t be.  If you think your relationship is going to be like it is in the Hollywood movies, you’re going to be disappointed when reality sets in.

3. Dating Men Who Disrespect You

Are you addicted to dating bad boys who treat you poorly?  When a man disrespects you, that’s your first sign to walk away.  As the leading matchmakers in Los Angeles, we advise you never to date a man who disrespects you or puts you down.  Doing so will make you feel miserable, and any man that loves you will never make you feel that way.

4. Being on High Alert for Mr. Right

Whenever you go out on the town, are your eyes always looking around?  Before you even order a meal at the restaurant, do you already check out every man in the vicinity?  It might sound cliché, but when you are always on the lookout, you’ll come off as desperate.  Believe us, it will show.  No man will ever be interested in a woman who is desperate.

5. Analyzing Every Word He Says

Ladies, we’re going to tell you one thing: men are not as complex as you want them to be.  If you spend the entire time analyzing his words and looking for hidden messages, you’re only going to hurt yourself.  The truth is, men don’t always think before they speak, and they certainly don’t pack their sentences with hidden messages.  Men simply say what they mean, so leave it at that and save yourself the stress.

6. Judging Men for Everything They Do

There is nothing wrong with having high standards in the Beverly Hills dating scene.  You deserve a quality man who treats you with respect.  Still, if you venture into the dating scene with a mile long list of qualities and attributes, you’re bound to be disappointed.

We’re going to tell you a secret: there is no such thing as the perfect man.  You are not perfect either, so you need to give men a chance when they have done nothing to disqualify themselves.  No man will ever live up to your Hollywood expectations, so cut them a break.

7. Listening to Your Girlfriends’ Advice

Your best friends are there to support and encourage you along the way, but you shouldn’t listen to all of their dating advice.  While their advice might be valuable at times, they are not dating experts.  Plus, what works for one person might not work for you.  You need to be strong enough to trust your inner voice and follow what it’s telling you, and your girlfriends should do the same.

8. Not Knowing What to Say & What Not to Say

Talking to a date should feel like talking to a good friend.  If you are silently vetting every word you say before you even say it, then you’re not being true to yourself.  We can’t emphasize this point enough: if you want to find love, you need to be authentic.  Having a man fall in love with you for a fake version of yourself is going to lead nowhere fast.

9. Moving Too Fast When You Meet a Man

When you meet a new man, do you like to move the relationship along at a fast pace?  If you go from strangers to hot and heavy in two weeks, then, yes, you’re moving too fast.  You might think that you finally found the one, but rushing the relationship along will only cause you to miss out on all the fun in the getting to know each other process.  Plus, if the relationship is meant to be, he will have no problem moving it slower too.

10. Chasing After the Wrong Men

When a man tells you that he doesn’t want a serious relationship, do you continue to pursue him?  If so, you are a fool for not listening to him.  Many single women in Beverly Hills think they can somehow change a man and make him fall in love with them.  But the truth is, you will never change a man’s mind.  If his behavior indicates that he doesn’t want something serious, believe him.

Are you one of the many single women in Beverly Hills who can’t find love?  Then you might be guilty of one or many of the top ten reasons listed above.  If you want to meet quality men in Beverly Hills, contact the best matchmakers in Los Angeles and let us do the vetting and matching for you.  Fill out the private form at the top of the page to reserve your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation with our expert matchmakers today!

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