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Next to her purse, your girlfriend’s camera is her best friend.  There is something about taking pictures and posting them on social media that makes women giddy inside.  Like it or not, women are always looking capture the best moments.  She puts a lot of efforts into looking good and wants you to help her capture those moments she looks and feels the prettiest.  Our Los Angeles matchmakers know how important it is for you to be able to take good pictures so she can show the world how happy she is.  Even if you don’t think you have it in you to get a good picture, we’re going to teach you how to snap a picture she’ll fall in love with.

How to Take Great Pictures of Your Girlfriend

While your girlfriend is capable of taking selfies, nothing beats a picture you capture.  Whether she’s doing something funny or just looking beautiful, the perfect picture will bring a smile to her face.

Now you don’t have to be a professional photographer or buy the most expensive camera on the market.  You can take great pictures of your girlfriend with your camera phone, as long as you follow these simple tips from our Los Angeles matchmakers.

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1. Snap candid moments.

If you tell your girlfriend that you’re going to take a picture of her, she’s most likely going to get nervous and tense up for the photo.  This is why we recommend you try taking some candid pictures.  She’ll be more relaxed when she’s doing one of her usual activities and doesn’t realize you’re trying to get her on camera.

Instead of telling her you’re about to snap a picture, just take it without telling her.  Take a picture of her drinking her morning coffee, reading her favorite book, or just watching TV.  Believe us, the picture will be so much better this way.

2. Snap a picture when she’s not looking at the camera. 

As mentioned above, if you tell your girlfriend that you’re about to take a picture, she’s going to get nervous.  Instead, our Los Angeles matchmakers want you to use spontaneity to your advantage.  This is especially helpful if your girlfriend is on the shy side.

3. Snap a picture when she’s dressed to kill.

Have you noticed that your girlfriend takes selfies when she’s all glammed up?  Well, that’s because she looks and feels beautiful.  When you notice your girlfriend is wearing new clothes or has spent a lot of time getting ready, compliment her and take a photo of her.  This is a surefire way to make her happy and show you that you noticed her efforts.  It also lets her know you find her desirable.

4. Keep an eye for the right lighting.

Photography is all about the lighting.  Without it, you just cannot take a picture.  Photographers know this all too well, but it’s something you might not know.  If you want to take the best picture of your girlfriend, use the light to your advantage and have her face the light so you get good exposure.

5. Don’t forget the golden hour.

The golden hour is a common term used by photographers.  It is a small amount of time during sunrise or sunset where you just get the perfect light.  This is the time when the sunlight is soft and perfect for snapping photos.  With the perfect condition, your girlfriend is going to looking gorgeous in her photos.  So keep an eye for the golden hour the next time the two of you are out and about and use it to your advantage.

6. Make her laugh and snap away.

Our Los Angeles matchmakers know the best pictures come when people are naturally smiling and happy.  If you want to take the best picture of your girlfriend, make sure you make her smile right beforehand.  To do this, share one of your funny stories and snap away.

7. Figure out her best angles.

As her boyfriend, you should know your girlfriend like the back of your hand.  You should already know what poses and angles she prefers.  Women always choose angles that flatter their best features and you need to do the same when taking pictures of her.  Never take an angle that she isn’t going to like.  When in doubt, it’s always good to ask her instead of passing her the phone with another bad picture.

8. Use the environment to your advantage.

Want to take a picture all her Facebook friends will be envious of?  Then use the background or environment to your advantage.  This works great if you are traveling to an exotic location, the beach, or somewhere that provides a beautiful background.  You just can’t go wrong with the perfect background.

9. Learn the basics of photography.

In the end, taking the best picture of your girlfriend comes down to learning a little bit of photography.  By learning the basics, you’ll soon be able to take stunning photos of your girlfriend so she can post them on her social media accounts and cherish the moments forever.  Learn about composition, symmetry, exposure, and light.  Learning the basics will make your girlfriend happy because you’ll be able to take great pictures of her at any given time.

There is no better way to make your girlfriend happy like taking a beautiful picture she can share with her friends.  You don’t have to spend hours studying photography but learn the basics and understand what your girlfriend wants from the picture.  Study her angles and what she likes.  Sometimes that’s all it takes to take the best picture of your girlfriend.

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