Why Singles in Los Angeles Aren’t Landing Second Dates

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It can be tiring and frustrating for singles in Los Angeles to look for love when they can’t even seem to land second dates.  If you’re a little shy or more reserved, first dates can surely be stressful.  But if you have been going out on more first dates than seconds, then there is something going on.  Today, our dating experts here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service will show you the top reasons singles in Los Angeles, both men and women, aren’t getting second dates.

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1. You’re Being Too Serious with Dating

The Problem: You’re not smiling enough when you go out on dates.  In other words, you’re just being too serious.  You’re asking questions that feel like a job interview instead of letting the conversation flow naturally.

The Solution:  It’s time to smile more and have fun.  Go on each date feeling relaxed and ready to have a good time.  Don’t treat your dates like a job interview.  And although you do want to get to know your date, you want to ask questions naturally, not like you rehearsed everything beforehand.  Crack a joke, tell a funny story, and make your date smile.  Instead of asking the same old questions, ask them what they love about their life or what type of traveling they enjoy.  Focus on common interests and experiences rather than the same questions you ask all your dates.

2. You Didn’t Offer to Pay the Bill

The Problem:  The bill came out and you didn’t offer to pay.  This one is for the men who invite women out on dates.

The Solution:  Even if the woman you’re going out with offered to pay for her half of the bill, you shouldn’t take her up on it.  She is offering to be polite, not because she expects you to take her up on her offer.  Women don’t want to come off like they’re going on a date just to get a free meal.  If you want to win her over, offer to pay the bill in a polite way.  Tell her “No, thank you.  It’s my pleasure to invite you on a date.”  It’s as simple as grabbing the bill and giving the waiter your credit card.

3. You Were Rude to Everyone Around

The Problem:  You sent your meal back twice.  You told the waitress your drink was weak.  You didn’t leave a tip.  You cursed at the taxi driver because they made a wrong turn.  You snapped your fingers to get the bartender’s attention.

The Solution:  You wouldn’t believe how many singles in Los Angeles go wrong here.  Being nice to your date is great, but what good does it do you if you’re rude to the restaurant staff or anyone else you come in contact with?  Women and men are easily turned off by someone who is rude, so make sure you’re minding your manners and using your pleases and thank yous.  Our Los Angeles matchmakers know this will take you a long way with your date.  There is nothing wrong with striking up a conversation with the taxi driver or cracking a joke with the server.  Also, make sure you leave a tip, because the ladies are watching for this one.

4. You Were Too Touchy-Feely

The Problem:  You told her that you never met a woman so beautiful in all your life.  You tried to hold her hand in the middle of the date.  You moved your chair closer to him and even touched his leg.  You gave them a very long hug or swooped in for a kiss at the end of the date.

The Solution:  A first date isn’t a time to be so forward.  Even if you think you met Mr. or Mrs. Right, you should never be too touchy-feely because you risk scaring them away.  Save the touching and professions of love for when you’re in a relationship.  There is nothing wrong with a quick shoulder pat, a graceful touch on the arm, a quick hug goodbye, or a peck on the cheek.  But beyond that, you should keep the overly flirtatious lines and touching to yourself.  It is uncomfortable and will scare them away.  Our Los Angeles matchmakers want you to keep things light and fun the entire date.

5. You Were Too Quiet on Your Date

The Problem:  You did not ask them enough questions or tell them anything about yourself.  You did not take control of the date or even know how to order your meal.

The Solution:  The most attractive quality single women in Los Angeles look for in a man is confidence.  Men, don’t confuse confidence with arrogance.  As the man, you should be in charge of the date and speak up when you should.  Ask her some questions about her life, share some personal things with her.  The keyword here is “some.”  You should ask questions and share equally.  At the same time, you need to take charge when ordering your meal.  If you don’t know how to come across as confident and secure, fake it until you make it.  Don’t worry if you say the wrong thing.  It’s better than remaining quiet and shy the entire date.  First date jitters will happen to everyone, so don’t stress them out.

6. You Didn’t Dress the Part

The Problem: You showed up to your date wearing a raggedy T-shirt and ripped up jeans.  You met him for coffee in yoga pants and a sports bra.

The Solution:  If you go on a date, whether you’re a man or a woman, you must look presentable.  Both women and men appreciate a date who takes pride in themselves.  You must dress the part and show your date that you put efforts into your appearance.  Shower, shave, smell great, and wear the appropriate attire.

If you’re not having any luck landing second dates, we hope we help you figure out why.  If your dating life could use a little more expert help, contact our Los Angeles matchmakers today by filling out the confidential form at the top of the page.  Let our expert matchmakers provide you one-on-one dating coaching and introduce you to quality singles in Los Angeles.  Let us kick up your romantic life and help you find the one!


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