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Attention successful singles in Los Angeles! Are you looking for a good relationship that won’t leave you with a broken heart? Then you have to find someone you’re compatible with rather than someone who just looks good on paper.

Sounds easier said than done? Not here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service. We have the dating tips you need to make the search for love easier and more enjoyable.

Today, our Los Angeles professional matchmakers are going to show you tips to land your dream relationship.

1. Figure out your future plans.

Relationships fail when goals between two people don’t align. Before you bring another person into your life, figure out what it is you want out of life. Where do you want to live ten years from now? What type of person do you want to be in the future? You need to know what you want so you can see whether your life goals are compatible with his. If they’re not, the relationship will never work out.

You can find someone who shares similar interests and life goals by looking in the right places – hobby and interest groups, business seminars, coffee shops, libraries and bookstores, and in church. Whatever you’re interested in, that’s where you want to look. This will ensure you already share something in common.

2. Communicate from the start.

The only way to keep a relationship from ending is to communicate. Over-communicate if you have to. Make sure you’re clear about what you want so you’re both on the same page from the get-go. We’re not suggesting you freak him out with talking about marriage during the first date – no, no, no. But be honest and vocal from the beginning instead of holding things in only to have them explode later on. One of the best ways to eliminate wasted time with someone who’s not right from you is communicating your expectations in dating and your goals in life. This will weed out partners who are not right for you.

3. Have an open mind.

The key to dating is to actually be into the person. This means you have to ask them questions and pay attention to their answers. You can’t play games or keep them at a distance. You have to show interest because they can’t read your mind. If you like them, you have to show it. After all, no one wants to stick around and chase someone whom they’re not sure is into them. Furthermore, no one wants to experience that dreadful dating rejection.

If you play hard to get, you’re only hurting yourself. You’ll miss out on great potential partners because you weren’t able to let your guard down and be vulnerable enough to expose your true feelings for them.

4. Don’t complain.

It’s not doing your dating life any favors. Stop looking for perfection in yourself and others. Stop judging. Stop whining every time you realize there’s no such thing as the perfect person, the perfect date, or the perfect relationship. Accept it – no one is perfect, not even you.

5. Don’t waste your time.

If someone likes you, you’ll know it. If you don’t know, that means they don’t like you or they don’t put enough effort into showing you. Either way, that’s not the person for you and definitely not someone you want to invest your precious time in dating. Move on and find someone who will make their feelings for you known.

6. Always be yourself.

If you’re shy, don’t pretend to be extroverted. If you’re smart, don’t dumb yourself down. The only way for a relationship to work is if you show your genuine self. That doesn’t mean you should belch and swear on date number one. However, don’t hide all those characteristics that make you who you are. If you’re naturally a funny person, don’t hold back your humorous side.

7. Focus on the positives.

When you meet someone for the very first time, focus on their good qualities instead of always looking for the negative things. We’re not saying you should ignore red flags, but don’t search for them. Don’t go into dates thinking you’re going to be let down or embarrassed. Think the best and hope for the best.

If you’re constantly on the lookout for negative things, you’ll inevitably find them. in other words, you’ll overlook all their great qualities and focus on negative traits only. The mind has a funny way of finding things it wants to find.

Finding the perfect relationship means being open and honest about your feelings for someone. It means focusing on positive aspects of dating and not negative ones. You have to be willing to put yourself out there and give someone a chance.

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