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Whether you’re in a new relationship or you’ve been together for many years, it won’t hurt to learn how to keep your partner interested.  High-end Beverly Hills matchmakers are going to teach you how to keep your partner in love with you for the long haul.

You could have found you ideal partner and have the most beautiful relationship out there, but unfortunately, our experience in the love industry tells us things won’t remain like that forever, not unless you put in the energy and efforts.  The fact is, you must continue to do things to keep your partner interested and in love with you.  If you don’t do these things, you risk the chance of having your partner fall out of love with you.

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The Magic Secret to Stay in Love Forever

The secret to staying in love forever is very simple.  You need to continue to put in the same efforts like you did early in your relationship.  The secret is simply this: Put in the work.

Our Beverly Hills matchmakers never want to let your relationship go stale.  You must continue to do things to make it thrive with success.  You wouldn’t leave a tree or plant without water, right?  Same thing goes here, you can’t leave your relationship continue to function without putting in efforts.

Love requires efforts on both sides.  It needs to be nurtured and cared for in order to be successful.  But how do you do these things?  Today, our matchmakers will teach you how to keep your partner in love with you.

1.  Be Romantic

This one should be at the top of your priority list.  Whether you are a man or a woman, please keep in mind that those romantic gestures will keep your relationship alive and thriving for many years.

It doesn’t matter that you have been together for years now, it doesn’t matter if you know your partner loves you, a thoughtful surprise will go far in keeping the spark alive.  A beautiful bunch of flowers or a small gift from time to time will prove valuable in keeping the flame going strong in your relationship.

2. Keep the Bedroom Fun Alive

Any dating advice you’ll read on the internet will tell you this one.  Our Beverly Hills matchmakers want you to continue having fun in the bedroom.  A healthy sex life is a healthy relationship.  There is a certain chemical reaction that promotes happiness and contentment, so be sure to keep the fun going for years.

3. Get in Shape

Just because you and your partner have been together for years is no excuse for letting yourself go.  Most partners who have cheated will tell you that they cheated because their partners let themselves go.

It’s a sign of disrespect for your partner.  You should try your hardest to always look good for your partner.  Just remember back to the earlier days of your relationship and how hard you tried to do things for them.  Continue do those things now.  Resist the urge to succumb to laziness when it comes to your body weight and grooming habits.

4. Show Affection

A quick and simple tip from our Beverly Hills matchmakers, keep showing affection!  Physical contact isn’t just sexual activity.  You must show your partner affection by smiling, hugging, and kissing them.  Give each other a massage after a long day at work, run a hot bubble bath, and share a nice bottle of wine or champagne.  These small little gestures of affection will create a solid foundation for your relationship.

5. Make Time for Each Other

Every loving relationship needs both partners to devote time and energy.  Our matchmakers refer to this as “quality time” that is spent purely enjoying each other’s company.

This way, you can keep up with what’s happening in each other’s lives.  No matter how busy your day was and how tired you are from work, devote time to your relationship.

6. Have Your Own Space

This is the opposite of the one above.  Having space means doing the things you need to do without your partner.  Just as important as it is to have quality time together, you need to spend time alone.  You need time alone to flourish as an individual.

Go out for a run, continue doing your hobbies, and hang out with your own friends.  This will give you and your partner new things to talk about when you do spend quality time together.

7. Listen to Your Partner

This one is so obvious yet so many people forget to do this it.  Our matchmakers want you to really listen to your partner.  People grow and change every day, which is why is so important you talk to your partner daily.  If you don’t listen to them you will lose the spark in your relationship.

8. Help Them Around the House

This tip applies to both genders.  If the two of you live together, you need to help each other with the chores.  Try help around the house with the duties you know your partner hates doing.  Tell your partner that you’ll be taking care of the clean up this weekend while they can go relax watching TV.

9. Don’t Nag Them

Nagging is something that happens in most relationships.  This little annoying habit is the reason many couples break up.  It might seem harmless but nonetheless destroys relationships.

Try not to nag your partner.  If there is something you want your partner to do for you, simply ask them.  Avoid nagging them to get things done.  Nagging will cause fights and put a strain on your relationship.

10. Get Help

If you have hit a rough patch in your relationship, you might have to turn to the professionals for help.  Marriage and relationship counseling does work and will do wonders for your relationship.  If you consider this option, it will show your partner that you are willing to try anything to save the relationship and that will go far to helping your relationship come through this tough time.  You clearly love your partner and are willing to go to extreme lengths to try to save your relationship.

Love requires both partners to put in the same efforts.  Use the tips from our Beverly Hills matchmakers and bring that spark back to your relationship.

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