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If you’re thinking that coffee dates are boring and dinner dates are a little cliché, you might be inclined to want to mix things up a little.  Congratulations to you for trying to be creative and thinking outside the box.  However, as Santa Monica matchmakers, we know there are some date ideas that just don’t make for great first dates.  Believe us, it doesn’t matter how creative they are.

You want to make sure you choose a first date that will lead into a second and many more.  You want a date that lets your personality shine without being overshadowed by distractions from your horrendous first date choice.  While there are many great first date ideas in LA, like bowling and mini-golfing, there are also some bad ones, and that’s what we’re going to cover for you today.

So get ready as our Santa Monica matchmakers reveal the worst first date ideas for singles in LA.

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1. Sauna Date

Don’t laugh because it’s happened many times.  A trip to the sauna might be a great date idea when you’re in a relationship, but it can be very awkward for a first date.  First of all, a sauna requires you to wear a bathing suit or even just a towel.  Being down to almost no clothes is a bad way to start a new relationship.

The other reason is because you’ll be hot and sweaty, and no one looks good with sweat running down their face.  Think about all the makeup and hair gel that will be running down your faces—no thanks.  Let’s be honest, only a few people look good while sitting in the steamy sauna.

2. Netflix & Chill

Oh, you definitely read that right, and we’re definitely going to cover this one.  It is generally a bad idea to have someone at your house for a first date.  Not only is it dangerous, but it’s also a copout.  Netflix & chill doesn’t really mean watching movies on Netflix.  It is a new way to say “let’s hook up, no strings attached.”  Really, that’s not the message you want send your date.

3. Activities Only One Person Is Good At

It might seem like a good idea to invite your date to go surfing or play soccer, but if you’re doing it to show off your skills, it’s going to backfire.  If you incorporate a competition into the date, you’re most likely going to win and make your date feel like a loser.  Making them feel like a loser on a first date is not what you want.  Stick to something you both enjoy and you’ll have a much more successful first date.  We love the idea of an activity date, as long as it’s something low key.

4. Anything Where Someone Can Get Hurt

Boxing, wrestling, and kickboxing might be great date ideas once you’re in a relationship and want to stay active, but anything that can land one of you in the emergency room is a risky first date.  Some people love to stay active and competitive, but instead of boxing and kickboxing your faces off, why not go bowling or mini-golfing instead.  Trust us, it will be better than a nasty punch to the head.

5. Bringing a Friend Along

Even if you’re a little nervous and think bringing a friend along will ease the nerves, this is going to be a bad date no matter what you do.  One person on the date will always be the third wheel, which isn’t okay.  Plus, your date might have a hard time opening up with your overbeating friend sitting next to you.  Until the two of you are exclusive, keep your friends off limits for your dates.

If you want your first date to turn into second and many more, you’ll want to avoid these five bad date ideas from our Santa Monica matchmakers.  Silly or not, you’d be surprised how many people have tried these first date ideas and failed miserably.

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