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Is your relationship new? Is this your first holiday together? If so, follow this helpful guide for new relationships brought to you Playa Del Ray matchmakers at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service.

There is just something romantic about the thought of spending the holiday season with a new partner. The whole idea of getting ready for a party, exchanging meaningful gifts, and the ever so popular kiss under the mistletoe. In theory, the holiday season is like a movie come to real life. However, spending the holidays with someone new for the first time can also have many challenges. Possibly, for the first time in your relationship you and your partner might be faced with having to go to a work party, a family get together, or exchanging gifts, all these new, and sometimes stressful, things all in one month.

While feeling the pressure comes naturally, if you want to make the best out of your first holiday season as a couple, the best thing you can do for yourself and your relationship is to have a relaxed attitude. Today, the professional staff of matchmakers from Los Angeles Singles Dating Service will teach you how to get prepared for your first holiday together.


Gift Exchanging

You and your new partner need to be on the same page when it comes to gift exchanging, so talk to them about whether or not the two of you are going to exchange gifts (and if possible, talk to them about how much the two of you are going to spend on each other). This conversation must be done ahead of time to avoid awkwardness and stress.

There is nothing more awkward than giving your new partner a $20 gift certificate when they have spent hundreds on you… Or worse, nothing at all. If it’s a brand new relationship, you don’t really have to exchange gifts with each other, but what you can do is celebrate by going out for a nice dinner or spending it with together with family members.

The Invitations

Meeting each other’s work colleagues at a holiday party can be nerve-wracking for anyone, but we do not want you trying to calm those nerves by putting down a lot of eggnog. Remember that despite the fact that everyone seems to be having fun and the music is blaring, a work party is still a work party. It’s a professional environment and should be treated as such. Keep your beverages, conversation and behavior in check.

Family Is Important

If they are coming home with you, you need to give them the heads up about certain family traditions so your new partner isn’t in shock when Uncle Paul decides to break out the camera and start shooting videos of everyone in attendance or when Aunt Libby dials for Chinese takeout instead of eating turkey. Remember that everyone celebrates differently, but it’s best you forewarn your new partner ahead of time.

Make a List & Review It

If your father wants to ensure that your new boyfriend has a nice gift awaiting for him at the house, then you need to let your boyfriend know ahead of time so he can also have a gift for your father. The last thing you want is for your boyfriend to show up empty-handed or vice versa. If your girlfriend wants to buy your parents a gift, let them know so they can be prepared as well.

PDA Etiquette

When around your new partner’s family, take your PDAs and put them in check. Don’t reach for their hand or try to get a kiss in front of their parents. Remember that you relationship is still new and should be treated as such.
Lend a Helping Hand

Christmas and the holidays are chaotic and busy enough but even more chaotic for those hosting the events. Our professional matchmakers want you to lend a helping hand by helping clear dishes, picking up wrapping paper from the floor, and handing out drinks and snacks. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it’s something that can help you break the ice with family members. Plus, it’s better than sitting yourself on the couch while mom and dad do all the work. If you want to leave a good impression, this is a surefire way to do it.

Wake Up Early

It’s the holiday season so you need to be the first person up. If your boyfriend or girlfriend has invited you to their house, the last thing you want their family thinking is that you’re lazy. Make sure you are up before them. You don’t want to be the last one straggling down while everyone is finishing up their breakfast. Here, you also want to lend a helping hand in setting up the table or anything the family needs you to do.

Dress Appropriately

If you are spending the holidays at a family get together, make sure your outfit is appropriate for the occasion. This is your first holiday meeting the family, so a good impression is what you want to leave them with. Don’t wear clothes that are too revealing, and if you are a man, be well put together.

If You Spend It on Your Own

If you’re spending the holidays away from each other, consider sending a basket of food or a few presents to each other’s families. A nice gesture like this will get you a long way as the family will know you’re thinking about them even though you’re away.

Be Flexible

The holidays are stressful enough as it is. No matter where you live, it’s colder outside, the days are shorter, and the lines at the post office and grocery store are longer. Your partner has their own things they need to do and they might not be able to attend your work party or family get together. This is why our professional matchmakers encourage you to be flexible. Instead of hoping they attend everything, find out what they really want to do and invite them to one or two. Be willing to compromise here and embrace your social life on your own.

Happy holidays to you and your new partner. Be sure to use this helpful guide from our matchmakers to ensure happy dating during the holidays.


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