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Not having any luck with women? Been dumped too many times to count? Matchmaking experts from Los Angeles Singles Dating Service reveal the reasons men cause breakups in relationships.

How many times have you been sat down by the woman were dating and been told the famous quote, “It’s not you, Hun. It’s me”? Relationships end, and everyone knows that, but if you cannot keep a girlfriend for the life of you, then it might be time to look deep inside and examine your behaviors to find out if you’re doing something wrong.

Today, our Marina Del Rey matchmakers will review the many reasons men cause breakups. Review the list and answer yourself honestly if you’re guilty of these things when dating. Once you identify and put a stop to these bad dating mistakes, then you can find the dating success you’re after.

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1. You’ve been busted

Okay, you might have heard this one before, but we have to tell it to you again. Trust is an important part of a relationship, so if you have been caught lying, believe us, it’s only just a matter of time before your woman gives you the boot. You cannot continue a relationship with a woman if she doesn’t trust you, so be very careful if you are being deceitful with her. And don’t fool yourself into thinking those little lies don’t add up. They do.

2. She Doesn’t Think You Care

One of the most common ways men cause relationship breakups is by making their girlfriends believe they no longer care about them. In your head, you might believe (and know) that you care for her, but if you don’t show up to dates, seem uninterested about her life, or don’t spend enough quality time together, she is going to come to the conclusion that you no longer care for her the way you used to.

3. You Take Her on Cheap Dates

It might not sound fair, but even though we live in the 21st century, women still rate men based on status; therefore, if you only take your woman to the cheapest restaurants in town, where the most expensive meal is a $9 burger, then chances are, she’ll end up breaking up with you.

Women are highly attracted to a man of wealth, so if you are scrimping quarters to pay for the dinner date, then you might as well call a cab before she eats her dessert.

4. You Live at Home with Your Parents

What’s wrong with living at home with your parents? It’s cheap, right? And your parents offer to do the laundry for you, just the way you like. Although you might enjoy the benefits of living at home, believe us, your girlfriend doesn’t fancy the idea. But why? Well, we’ll tell you. It’s because living at home when you are a full grown man suggests that you do not have your life in order and that you depend on your parents for everything. As you might have already guessed, these are not qualities that will impress a modern woman. If you want to keep a woman, you must have your life together.

5. You’re Very Possessive

No one likes to be in a relationship where they feel trapped, and if you find that you have become possessive and controlling of your girlfriend, eventually she’s going to give you the boot. You might believe that you’re protecting her, but telling her that she can’t speak to certain male friends or trying to hack into her social media accounts might make her realize what you’re truly being, CONTROLLING. If you’re being too jealous or controlling, you can rest assured you’re going to hear those famous words, “It’s just not going to work out.”

6. How You Behave With Children

Although she might not have said it to you, when you’re with kids in front of your girlfriend, she is watching you to see how you behave with them. It’s not just with kids either, your girlfriend is looking at how you behave in general to see if you have any qualities that make you a good person and a good partner. So if you don’t want to cause a breakup, show your woman your caring and considerate side when interacting with others.

7. You Are Boring

What do you do when you get home after work? If you lay on the couch watching TV until you fall asleep, and your night involves ordering takeout and passing out on the sofa, prepare yourself for the breakup. No woman in the world likes spending time with a man who is boring. Our Marina Del Rey matchmakers want you to keep things interesting and spontaneous to maintain a happy and healthy relationship in the future.

8. You Close Yourself Off

Even though your childhood heroes on TV did not tell their woman they wanted a hug, if you want to keep your woman, don’t follow in their footsteps. Women don’t want to be with a man who is inaccessible and has a cold heart. You need to be open with your feelings from time to time. You might be surprised how being more open and sincere with her will bring you closer together and strengthen your bond.

9. You Have Different Goals in Life

When you talk to your girlfriend, what does your five year plan entail? If she wants to settle in the house in the suburbs with a Golden Retriever, two cats, and children while you want to travel the world in your rock ‘n’ roll band, then guess what? She’s going to give you the boot. In order to stay together, you both need to have similar lifestyles; otherwise, one of you is going to end up sacrificing too much and becoming resentful.

10. You Don’t Show Interest in Her Things

One simple way men cause breakups is not showing interest in the things they find interesting. If you don’t ask about her yoga class, you show no interest in her hobbies, and never bother to see how her day at the office was, then she’ll soon realize you are selfish. And remember when we talked about not showing interest in the beginning? Well, she’s definitely going to assume you’re not interested in her. If you don’t want your girlfriend to break up with you, start paying attention to her life, the things that make her happy, and the things that irritate her. Lend her an ear to listen when she needs it.

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