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In some of our relationships, we have to seriously ask the question whether it’s time to move on or stick it out a little more. It’s a tough question, especially because it’s hard to walk away from someone you’ve dedicated so much of your time and energy to. However, there are some telltale signs you can look for that will help you decide what route to take.

As Marina del Rey matchmakers with nearly 30 years of experience in the Los Angeles dating industry, we know those key signs that let you know it’s time to walk away. If you see them in your relationship, then you know it’s time to go your own way. You deserve a man who doesn’t make you question your relationship.

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1. He doesn’t give you his attention.

Caution here, ladies. We’re not saying you have to be the center of his attention, but if he’s not answering your phone calls, answering your texts, or spending quality time with you, then you’re not important to him. If he can’t give you his attention, then you definitely need to rethink this relationship.

Of course many men will blame it on work and social obligations, but if this behavior has been going on for while, and you know it has nothing to do with his work, then you need to dump him. You deserve a man who makes you a priority in his life.

2. Something just feels off.

You can’t put your finger on it, but you know something is off for some reason. Something just doesn’t feel right. Don’t waste your time on him if you’re questioning him and your relationship. Maybe you’re not the woman he’s after anymore. Listen to your gut feeling because it’s telling you something your subconscious mind is aware of—something you can’t see for yourself yet. Do yourself a favor and save yourself more heartache. Free yourself from Mr. Wrong so you can finally move on.

3. He’s aggressive.

He hasn’t hit you yet, thank God, but he definitely has a violent temperament. He flies off the handle over the smallest things, he screams so loud the neighbors come knocking at the door, and you’re tired of walking on eggshells around you. You think he’s going to cross the line any day now and possibly hit you.

NO! You deserve a better man. You deserve someone who doesn’t scream at you over the little things and never makes you fearful of him. Don’t put up with an aggressive man. Believe us, this violent behavior is most likely going to escalate. Get out while you can.

4. He’s lazy.

You can’t remember the last time he worked. He’s always broke and asking you for money. He’s a dreamer, for sure, but he never gets off the couch. What does this mean? It means he’s lazy. It’s not that he’s a hard worker and struggling to find a job. Oh, no, it’s just that he’s lazy and doesn’t want do anything to help himself.

Maybe you overlooked it in the early stages of the relationship because he told you he was working hard to find a new job. But if your goals are to have a family, you need to find a man who is an ambitious go-getter, not someone who spends all day on the couch making up excuses.

As matchmakers, we know there are many men out there who are lazy and search for a hardworking woman who can accommodate their lazy lifestyle. So be careful for falling for a man who is already exhibiting lazy behaviors. You’re a hardworking woman and deserve a hardworking man.

5. He gives you a reason to be jealous.

You’ve never been the jealous type, but it’s different with him. He’s always making you jealous—on purpose! He comes home late, he smells like perfume, he gets late-night calls, and he even flirts with the waitress right in front of you.

If you’re doubting his fidelity and you’re usually not the jealous type, then you have every right to be suspicious. Watch out and remember this because you don’t deserve to live with suspicion and worry all the time. You deserve a man who makes you feel confident and secure in the relationship, not someone who teases and taunts you.

It doesn’t matter how good looking he is or how much you hate breakups, if your boyfriend is doing any of these five things, then you have every right to break up with him. Not all relationships will make it past the finish line, and maybe yours is one of them.

If you’re single and ready to be in a serious relationship with someone who is relationship-worthy, contact our Marina del Rey matchmakers and let us help you find him. Here at Los Angeles Singles, we do the screening and vetting for you to ensure you only meet quality men who are fit and ready for a relationship. To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!


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