Malibu Matchmakers Teach You 8 Ways to Make Him Forget His Ex

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Here at Los Angeles Singles, we’ve seen it before. But our Malibu matchmakers are here to give you some dating tips to help you overcome his fears and cultivate the loving relationship you strive for.

He’s an awesome man, and the two of you really click. The only problem is that he has commitment issues and trust problems because of his ex. This amazing guy seems to be completely ruined from everything she did to him.

Maybe she was his first love and they broke up because they grew apart. Maybe she was the woman of his dreams and she ended up cheating on him. Maybe things just didn’t work out and he is devastated because he thought she was the one.

All those things may cause him to be closed off and make him apprehensive about getting into another relationship, even though he is a great guy who really seems to be into you.

Now, this type of situation can play out several ways: one, or both, of you decide to cut your losses, you decide he’s a great guy and give him time to ride it out on his own, or you decide there’s no way you’re letting this amazing man get away and do everything in your power to help him get over his trust issues.

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8 Effective Ways to Help Him Get Over His Ex

If you have your eyes set on this guy, then these tips from our Malibu matchmakers will help you assure him you’re not the same and that you’re a great match for one another. These dating tips will help you move things along faster and healthier so issues don’t creep back up in the future.

1. Give him the right amount of time.

You need to remember that anything worth having takes time, and if you want him, then you must give him adequate time to heal. For some people it takes weeks, but for others it can take months. Don’t jump at him right away, because all you’ll be getting into is a rebound relationship, and that’s not what you’re after.

2. Be a supportive friend.

Another important tip is to be his friend during this hard time. Some people feel lonely and you need to understand that. If you try rushing into a new relationship, it will end up backfiring on you, because he was not healed completely before moving onto you.

For now, it’s best to show him you care about him by being his true friend. This will make him feel valued during these hard times. Even if things do not go as planned, you are an important person in his life because you’re standing by his side during this difficult time.

3. Do not get friend zoned.

Now, it’s one thing to show your support and be a good friend, but if you start spending too much time with him, watching football or just hanging out at his house all the time, then you might end up getting friend zoned.

This is a very tricky part of your current situation, because you definitely don’t want to become one of the guys. We advise you to look good and exude confidence around him. Let him see other men noticing you, as it will make him see you as a potential partner.

4. Get to know each other well.

Although you don’t want to jump into a relationship right now, you definitely want to get to know each other. Go out and do things together and simply enjoy each other’s company. Try to make it lighthearted fun and enjoy the time you spend with him.

As our Malibu matchmakers mentioned earlier, it’s crucial to make him see you as more than a friend, but at the same time, you can’t come on too strong because he’s also healing from the breakup.

5. Be careful about certain triggers.

Triggers can come in many different ways. It could come in the way of a perfume, a restaurant you choose to eat at, or even a movie you go to see together. These triggers can remind him of his ex and bring his mood down, which is obviously not your goal.

If he mentioned to you that his ex used to take him to a popular steak restaurant in town, then avoid that restaurant. Encourage him to try new things with you, things he and his ex never did before. Your job, from here on out, is to erase the memories of his ex and replace them with good ones of the two of you.

6. Let him enjoy freedom.

If he was in a long term relationship, then he might want to experience things without a partner. This could include a guy’s night out, traveling, or spending a full week at home watching TV and doing his own things. You need to let him do what he wants and be supportive of it.

The last thing he needs right now is for you to be breathing down his neck as though you were already his girlfriend. Understand that this is a normal part of a breakup, and as long as he isn’t doing anything unhealthy, he’s okay to what he wants to do.

7. Do physical activities together.

If he enjoys working out and being physical, then try suggesting a fun date idea like hiking, biking, rollerblading, or even a workout session. Physical activities can serve as an outlet for him to release his frustrations, especially if the breakup was tough. Some more ideas would be jogging, surfing, or even kayaking together.

8. Boost his self-esteem.

The breakup may have left him with no confidence, which means that right now he feels worthless, like he could never measure up to a woman. Here’s where you want to step in and build up his confidence.

Start with little things like complimenting him on his haircut or how he dresses. Make him feel better about himself and always show appreciation for all the things he does for you. Try to give him your undivided attention and show him that he’s great.

Getting over someone will not happen overnight, so you need to give him plenty of time. Give him the time and space he needs to finally get over his ex. If the two of you are meant for each other, you’ll be able to pick things up when he’s 100% healed and ready to start a relationship.

If you can’t make things work with him, contact our Malibu matchmakers and let us introduce you to quality single men in LA, men who are fit and ready for a serious relationship.

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