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Sure, she’s the most beautiful woman you ever laid eyes on, but you’re not sure she’s the one for you. Gorgeous or not, she gets on your nerves, she’s outspoken, and she can’t stop complaining about all the hair your cat gets throughout the house.

Everyone has been in a relationship where their friends don’t agree with the woman they’re dating, but you’re so consumed with her looks that you don’t notice anything else. Don’t worry, that’s exactly where our Malibu matchmakers come into the picture. Sometimes, those little things women do are actually warning signs the relationship is headed for failure. Ignorance and the fear of getting dumped often prevent men from speaking up and saying they’ve had enough.

If you notice any of the below red flags in your relationship, you shouldn’t turn a blind eye—nope, not even if she is the most beautiful woman in the world. If you see these signs, then you’re dating the wrong woman.

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1. She treats your pets poorly.

Your woman doesn’t have to be an animal lover, but she should respect your pets because they are your family. She should have the same respect for them as she does for your friends. Whether you have a dog or a cat, she should treat them with respect, and if she doesn’t, she isn’t girlfriend material.

If she has a problem with your cat, then she will have the same problem with your friends. At some point, the inevitable will come up: “Me or your cat?” The fact is, she’ll eventually bring up this point and make you choose between her and Mr. Claws, and she will do the same thing with your friends.

2. You can’t explain it, but sometimes you just hate her.

Sometimes all it takes is one little word to create a huge tornado in your relationship. Suddenly, everything she says and does irritates you to the point that you can’t even believe you’re with her. It could be a casual date night where she treats the wait staff with disrespect, or perhaps it’s on the way home when she disrespects the taxi driver and embarrasses you at the same time. If the little things bother you, imagine what’s to come down the road.

3. She doesn’t believe in “guys’ night out.”

You’re never allowed to spend time with your friends. Heck, you’re never allowed to do anything unless you call her and get authorization first. Our Malibu matchmakers know that if you have to get her approval for everything you do, and you no longer have any independence since dating her, then she isn’t the one for you. Having your own friends, hobbies, and life are key to maintaining a happy and healthy life, as well as relationship.

4. You still have feelings for someone else.

If you enjoy being with her but still wish you had someone else (maybe an ex), then you’re definitely dating the wrong woman. Plus, you shouldn’t do that to her. You need to let her go because you clearly have feelings for someone else. The worst thing you can do is lead a woman on and let her believe you’re in a serious relationship. Remember that dating karma is real, and it will come back to you in the end.

5. She revolves her life around drama.

We’ve heard it many times in the Los Angeles dating scene. The man stayed with a woman even though she had a lot of drama. Why? Because it kept them on their toes. As professional matchmakers, we know a little drama can be okay, but if your woman is a full out drama queen and revolves her whole life around drama, then she is not the one for you. The attention she craves will pull the two of you apart, so if you notice drama queen tendencies, save yourself the time and stress.

6. She treats everyone with disrespect.

Pay attention to how she treats everyone around her. How is her relationship with friends, family, coworkers, and even strangers? Do you hate going to the mall with her because you already know she will treat the cashiers with disrespect? If you know your woman treats everyone poorly, then you’re dating the wrong woman.

7. She wants to be with you 24/7.

Wanting to be around you is wonderful and all, but if you can’t get a second alone, then you’re dating the wrong woman. As the leading Malibu matchmakers, we know how important it is to maintain your independence in your relationship and do the things you love to do. If your girlfriend gets mad if you want to hang out with the guys, go to the gym, or wash your car, then she isn’t the one. In a healthy relationship, time apart is crucial, encouraged, and should be done as much as possible.

8. You argue over the little things (everything).

As professional matchmakers and dating coaches, we know that arguments are a normal part of any relationship. In fact, it’s even healthy to argue. But if you notice you argue over everything, that’s a red flag you’re dating the wrong woman. Many men believe the arguments will get better the longer they’re in a relationship, but things always get worse. If it’s more arguing than loving, then you’re definitely dating the wrong woman.

Don’t ignore these warning signs from our Malibu matchmakers because we know the telltale signs it’s not going to work out. It’s time to face the music and listen to what your gut tells you. If you aren’t completely sure she’s the one and would rather be alone, then you’re definitely dating the wrong woman. You, more than anyone else, should know firsthand how you feel. No one can tell you how you feel or what you’re thinking but you. Once you’re confident and strong enough to realize this, then you will be one step closer to meeting someone who makes your life better.

What signs do you look for to determine if you’re dating the wrong woman? Share share your thoughts with us today on our comments section below.

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