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Life would be so much better if we could all spend our days laughing.  After all, here at LA Singles Dating Service, we know laughter is known to be the best medicine against most life issues.  Laughter takes away the stress and changes our mood for the better, no matter what we’re experiencing.

Amongst other things, you can use humor to fix relationship issues currently happening to you.  Plus, our Malibu matchmakers know it will help create a strong bond with your partner.  So not only will you be laughing and improving your energy, but you’ll also be developing a great level of intimacy that is tough to beat.  Today, our Malibu matchmakers will show you how to fix your relationship issues simply by incorporating humor.

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Humor Is the #1 Ingredient to Relationship Success

People love those who can make them laugh.  That’s right, both sexes are attracted to funny people.  Why?  Because it heals illness and cheers us up.  Don’t you crave a partner who can make you smile when you’re feeling ill?  Of course you do, everyone does.

Humor is very important to all aspects of your relationship.  Right from the first date until the day you get married, you need humor to strengthen your relationship.  As matchmakers, we know that many people choose their partners based on humor alone.

Humor is a very effective tool in helping you on a first date.  Granted, everyone is feeling a little nervous, but if you can get through those initial nerves, you can use humor to break the ice and create a connection.

But how can you use humor to fix issues in your relationship?  Simple.  By injecting humor into your relationship every chance you get.  Sometimes petty things can cause problems and pull you and your partner away from each other.  But if you handle petty situations with humor and have the ability to laugh those little things off, you will eliminate many issues in your relationship that other couples fight about.

This doesn’t mean you need to laugh at your partner if something bad is happening, but simply knowing how to laugh at the little things and not make a big deal about them will help you make it through everyday life.

Humor Will Create a Stronger Bond

Humor is a feeling you can share with your partner and other people.  It not only creates intimacy, but it creates a magnificent bond with your partner.  Have you heard that laughter is the best medicine?  Well, that’s because it’s true.  Our Malibu matchmakers know there is nothing laughter can’t cure.

It’s never too late to discover your fun and humorous side.  The first thing you must do is stop taking life too seriously.  For example, try to make fun of the way you look, especially if you’re having a bad day.

It’s not easy at first, but you can do it.  You are not offending anyone but yourself.  Using self-deprecating humor will have you and your partner laughing.  Laughter is also known to be contagious, so the more you bring it into your relationship, the happier you and your partner will be.  Being able to laugh at yourselves instead of get down on yourselves will not only improve your relationship together, but also your own security in yourself.

Humor Can Help You Fix Problems

Humor can help you fix many of your relationship problems; however, you need to understand that humor isn’t just a magical cure.

Sure, it can help you with many problems, such as money, health, employment, and much more, but you must also do other things besides relying on humor.  A successful relationship requires efforts from both partners.  But here is how humor can help you in your relationship.

  • Humor can bring you and your partner closer.
  • You’ll understand your partner’s funny side.
  • It diffuses tense moments.
  • It develops a healthy relationship.
  • It helps with issues related to money and intimacy.

From our years of experience, we can tell you one thing: a funny joke at the right time can diffuse a tense moment in your relationship.  As you grow up, you’ll realize it’s best to let the little things slide without letting them turn into a bigger deal.  And that’s what our Malibu matchmakers know humor will do for you and your partner.

Humor Will Reduce Conflicts

Let’s say you and your partner are getting into an argument.  The problem continues to escalate and you’re now getting angry and upset.

This happens to almost every relationship out there.  Why?  Because there is no such thing as the perfect relationship.

So what do you do when something like this happens?  Do you let the situation continue to escalate or do you bring in humor to diffuse the situation?

Granted, it’s very difficult to incorporate humor when you’re heated, as all you want to do is scream at the top of your lungs.  But take a second, take a deep breath to say something to put a smile on your partner’s face rather than aggravate them.

You will notice that the problem will immediately be reduced.

Humor Must Be Used Appropriately

If you want to have a happy and successful relationship with your partner, you must figure out what works and what doesn’t.

For instance, your partner might not like certain jokes or things you say.  Remember that there is a thin line between humor and picking on someone, so be sure not to cross that line.

You should only rely on humor that is free of sarcasm to diffuse a fight in your relationship; otherwise, you’re just adding fuel to the fire.

While you are arguing with your partner, try to incorporate humor and put a smile on their face.  You already know what makes them laugh and you have the ability to change the situation so it doesn’t escalate.

Everyone makes mistakes, but if you’re able to laugh at your mistakes and still learn valuable lessons from them, it will be much healthier for both of you.

Remember to incorporate laughter and humor in your relationship to help you overcome your issues together.  The idea is not to let problems escalate to the point of yelling and name calling.  In a nutshell, you should use humor every time you see your partner upset or down.  Let humor and playfulness become a vital part in your relationship and you’ll see things quickly take a turn for the better.

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