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Through the life of your relationship there are going to be times when lying is unavoidable; after all, it will help you prevent hurt feelings and bigger problems. Lying can surely be uncomfortable, but it can also be gentle if done right. If you’re unsure of when it’s acceptable, you need to get up to speed. And if you’re trying to save your partner’s feelings, then who’s to say a little white lie is going to hurt it?

White lies are completely different than big lies. They’re small and harmless, and if you need to use them once in a while to avoid creating drama and conflict, then go ahead and use them. However, it is important to know the difference between a white lie and a big one, and you should only use a white lie to prevent hurt feelings in your relationship. Today, our Malibu dating coaches will show you when it’s acceptable to tell a little fib to save your relationship and spare your partner’s feelings.

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White Lies That Are Acceptable in Your Relationship

Today, our Malibu dating coaches will show you a few scenarios where a little white lie is acceptable in your romantic life.

1. When you dislike your partner’s outfit.

You’ve been there before and you’ll be there again. There are bound to be times when your partner wears an outfit or item you don’t particularly like.

However, in situations like this, we know that telling your partner they don’t look good will certainly ruin the mood. Your partner thinks their outfit is great, which is why they chose it for this special night with you. If you tell them you don’t like it, or that it makes her look big or him look skinny, you’re insulting their personal taste. In this delicate scenario, it’s okay to tell a little lie to spare your partner’s feelings and save the night from becoming a nightmare.

2. When you dislike your partner’s friends.

There is a good chance your partner has a few friends you dislike, and there’s a good chance they’ll come around more often than you would like. If you don’t like your partner’s friends, our Malibu dating coaches know this can create many problems in your relationship. If you tell your partner that you don’t like their friends, it can certainly create resentment and unnecessary tension. Instead of telling your partner how much you dislike their friends and listing all the reasons for it, you can keep your mouth shut on this one and just go with the flow. Unless their friends are a bad influence on your partner, you don’t have to create the added drama.

3. When you dislike your partner’s family.

You are only dating your partner, not their whole family, which means it’s okay if you don’t like certain members of their family. However, this is a little bit bigger than disliking their friends. Although your partner might or might not get upset over you not liking their friends, they’re going to be hurt or disappointed that you don’t like someone in their family. So if you dislike their sister or father but love your boyfriend or girlfriend, it’s best to keep it to yourself.

4. When you dislike the things your partner does.

Your partner is bound to have their own hobbies and interests. They might like things you don’t like. For example, your partner might be obsessed with karate, Pilates, or collecting trains. Or maybe they spend their afternoons in the garden, while you prefer staying inside reading a good book. If you tell your partner that you dislike their hobbies and interests, they’re going to be a little hurt. However, if you say that you’ll give it a try, things will go a lot smoother.

But if your partner wants to do their hobby all the time and you’re absolutely positive you dislike it, this could be a sign of incompatibility, which is a bigger problem for the relationship. If they have one or two hobbies you have no interest in, that’s fine. However, if it’s an overall lifestyle clash, then our Malibu dating coaches know this can spell trouble—big trouble.

5. When you dislike their habits.

As you continue dating your partner, you’re bound to realize you don’t like some of their habits. For example, you might realize your partner makes a weird noise when he coughs or that she stretches in a weird way every morning. The better you get to know your partner, the more you see them… And the more you see them, the more peculiar habits you see. But rather than telling your partner you think they’re weird, keep it to yourself. After all, no one likes to be judged. If you can overlook it, do it.

6. When you dislike a meal they prepared especially for you.

If your partner spent the afternoon in the kitchen, putting all their efforts to preparing a meal that you dislike, it’s okay to spare their feelings. After all, your partner went out of their way to prepare something delicious for you (even though you didn’t like it). The right thing to do is let it slide. Don’t start whining and complaining during dinner, not unless you want to ruin the night.

7. When you dislike their new hairstyle.

Just like your partner’s outfit, they chose their new hairstyle because they believed it looked good. Although you might not agree, never lash out and tell them how horrible it looks. Otherwise, you risk upsetting your partner—or worse, sending them into a little depression. When your partner gets upset, insecurities will set in and drama will ensue.

Little white lies here and there might be acceptable to save your relationship and spare your partner hurt feelings. Here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service, we believe in openness and honesty in dating and relationships. But if you want to make your partner happy with a little white lie, then who are we to tell you not to?

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