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As Los Angeles upscale matchmakers with nearly 30 years in the dating industry, we know that the last thing any woman wants is to end up with a manchild as a partner.  You want to be someone’s girlfriend, not their lifelong babysitter.  But many single women in Los Angeles know firsthand that the LA dating scene is filled with immature men.

We know that you don’t look for them, and sometimes they can even disguise themselves as good men, but if you know what to look for, you can save yourself the heartache of dating a manchild.

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Signs You’re Dating a Manchild

To help single women in Los Angeles avoid getting into a relationship with a manchild, our Los Angeles upscale matchmakers are going to review the signs of an immature man.  If the man you’re dating displays the following qualities, beware: he is a manchild.

1. He throws tantrums when things don’t go his way.

Whether it’s what to eat for dinner, where to go for a Friday night date, or which movie to watch, a manchild will throw a temper tantrum when things don’t go his way.  A tantrum doesn’t mean he’s going to throw himself on the floor and kick his feet like a kid, but you can expect him to pout for hours on end to make you feel like you did something wrong.  Basically, this guy acts like an overgrown child.

2. He refuses to admit his mistakes.

A manchild will never admit he’s done anything wrong, even if you catch him in the act.  He will do anything in his power to keep you from thinking that he is anything less than perfect and will always turn things around on you.

3. He doesn’t clean up after himself.

A manchild hasn’t grown up and doesn’t know how to be responsible.  He doesn’t pick up his dirty dishes, won’t hang wet towels, and never cleans up after himself.  And if he does clean up after himself, it’s because he’s already used all the dishes and has no choice but to clean them.

4. He only lives in the now.

Unless he is wondering what to eat for dinner, a manchild doesn’t think much about the future.  He has no idea what the future will bring or what is going to be doing this upcoming weekend.  Mature men make future plans, have strategies, and accomplish goals.  On the other hand, children and immature men don’t do this.  Our Los Angeles upscale matchmakers know a manchild can’t think past the here and now.

5. He is very impulsive.

It could be anything from making huge purchases to cheating on you in the relationship.  Whatever it is, a manchild isn’t mature enough to process the consequences of his actions and will do things on impulse.  This shows that he is very immature and is not ready to be in a serious relationship.

6. He is very close with his mother.

Who doesn’t want a boyfriend who is close to his family?  It is great to have a man with a close bond with his mother, unless he is just a little too close.  If a man has to run everything by his mother, then that is a major red flag he is a manchild.

7. He always blames you for his actions.

It’s bad enough he can’t admit his mistakes, but now he’s blaming you for his wrongdoings.  He will tell you that he cheated on you because you made him unhappy.  If he gets fired from his job, it’s going to be your fault.  Anything that goes wrong in his life, expect him to blame it on you.

8. He is bad with finances.

You don’t have to be a millionaire to be good with finances.  Anyone who is mature and responsible should at least know how to save money and spend it wisely.  One of the key indicators you’re dating a manchild is poor spending habits.  If he blows his paychecks on junk and lets his bills pile up, then you have a manchild on your hands.  Get out while you can!

9. He is selfish.

One of the telltale signs you’re dating a manchild is selfishness.  If he thinks of no one but himself, and he believes the world revolves around him, don’t expect a healthy relationship.  He will be selfish with his money and his time and will always do what’s best for him.  Sounds like a kid, right?

10. He doesn’t know how to have a serious conversation.

A manchild isn’t mature enough to have a serious conversation.  When a deep issue comes up, he jokes about it, changes the topic, or flat out ignores you.  The last thing a manchild knows how to do is have a serious conversation.  When you bring up something important, pay attention to his behavior; after all, it will tell you he’s a manchild or a mature guy.

11. He only talks about immature things.

Mature men know how to have a conversation.  They know how to connect with women on a deeper level.  If you can’t have a mature conversation with him and can’t get him to open up about his life, then our Los Angeles upscale matchmakers know you’re dating a manchild or someone who is emotionally closed off.  If all of his conversation topics are nonsense, then you know he doesn’t have the capabilities of having a mature conversation.

12. He prioritizes his hobbies over responsibilities.

One of the best ways to spot a manchild is by taking a look at his everyday life.  Does he prioritize his hobbies and neglect his responsibilities?  If he would rather watch football, play videogames, or play poker with the guys over taking care of work and responsibilities, then you’re dating a manchild.

13. He expects you to do everything.

He leaves the dishes pile up, the dirty laundry for you to do, and expects you to cook his dinner before he gets home from work.  Sound familiar?  Unfortunately, these are the behaviors of a manchild.  He doesn’t think he needs to do anything for himself because you’re there to do it for him, which is not have a mature relationship works.

Ladies, if you’re dating a manchild, we feel sorry for you.  We know how tough it can be to date an immature man, and we know you don’t deserve it.  Let’s hope you spot it early on and can break free from him.  If you are ready to meet mature single men in LA, fill out the confidential form at the top of the page to reserve your free 90 minute consultation with our Los Angeles upscale matchmakers today.

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