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In Los Angeles, the dating world is fast-paced and easier than ever to find local singles. With online dating sites, speed dating events and mobile apps, people can find someone in just a matter of seconds.

So you would think that with all this convenient technology that dating would be easy, but Los Angeles upscale matchmakers know that’s not quite true. Connecting with random singles is easy, but finding the right singles is the hard part. Many people find themselves in bad relationships, dating the wrong partners for longer than they should.

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Why Do People Date the Wrong Partners?

Every relationship has its own reasons for staying alive, but why do a lot of people stay with the wrong partner, even though they know the relationship has already expired?

1. Habit

Human beings love habit. Whether it’s your friend Mike going to the local coffee shop every morning at eight or your cousin Matthew watching the same TV show at nine at night every night, people are creatures of habit and repeat the same behaviors. When it comes to dating, it’s the same. Once a boyfriend or girlfriend becomes integrated into your daily routines, the simple ritual of habit can cause you stay in the relationship longer than you need to.

2. Afraid of a Split

Anyone who has suffered from a breakup knows how devastating they can be; they know all the emotions they bring. A boyfriend or a girlfriend, even though they aren’t perfect for you, can still provide a huge amount of comfort in your day to day life.

The simple act of cuddling in bed, watching movies together, or having someone to converse with over dinner can give you a feeling of connection and intimacy that is hard to find, especially in the Los Angeles dating scene. A breakup will cause all of those comforting feelings to go away. But don’t worry, that ice-cream tub will be waiting for you once you realize this partner is not right for you and you finally call it quits.

3. Fear of the Unknown

When you jump into a long term relationship it can undoubtedly change your life. You end up factoring your partner into your everyday life, and before you know it, they become a huge part of you and everything you do.

If you are contemplating a breakup after you have made all the decisions to accommodate a partner into your life, there will be a huge amount of change that needs to happen once they leave. This can prove to be scary, but our Los Angeles upscale matchmakers encourage you to welcome change; after all, change is good.

4. Feeling Denial

Sometimes, people refuse to accept that they have relationship problems. After all, who wants to face the fact that their relationship is about to come to an end? Denial is a huge problem in many relationships because people would rather deny what is happening rather than face it. However, if you deny it and refuse to accept what is going on, you could be staying in a relationship that has already long expired, which will prevent you from finding the one who is right for you.

5. Settling

Anyone who lives in Los Angeles knows that dating can be frustrating. If you go for a length of time without finding someone you really like, the temptation of settling will definitely creep in.

The thing that happens with settling is that you end up settling for someone who you know isn’t right for you. You end up in an unsatisfying relationship because you’re selling yourself short when you know you can do better.

6. Busy Schedule

Life has a habit of being extremely busy, and between work, school, socializing, and everything else that happens in LA, life can move quickly. Sometimes, even if you know the relationship isn’t right, you end up staying anyways because you’re just too busy to get back in the dating scene again.

Dating takes a lot of time and efforts, but then again, so will a relationship. Wouldn’t it be much better to spend that time and energy dating someone who is right for you instead of being in a relationship with someone who isn’t?

7. Fear of Guilt

Getting out of the relationship means hurting the partner you’re dating. For some people, this can be very hard to do. It also doesn’t help if your partner makes you feel guilty by posting sad Facebook messages or sending you sad texts. But remember that no relationship can ever survive on guilt.

8. Not Wanting to Admit Your Fault

When you begin dating someone, your friends may see that they are not the right partner for you. But of course you don’t care because it’s your life and you can do as you please. However, a few months after dating, once the inflation stage has worn off, you’ll see that they were right and you were wrong. Our Los Angeles upscale matchmakers know that admitting that you were wrong can be embarrassing, but you must do it if you want to find real love and happiness.

9. Sexual Chemistry

Despite the fact that you know the relationship isn’t going in the right direction, he or she might be a perfect ten. So while your partner might not be meeting your emotional needs, their physical attributes might make up for everything else. Although sexual chemistry is great in short term, in long term, it will not hold a relationship together. You need more than just sexual attraction to keep the relationship alive.

Settling is a disease that happens to many people in the LA dating scene. If you already know your relationship is doomed for failure, then cut the cord right away and stop prolonging the pain. Don’t wait for a miracle to save your relationship.

If you’re tired of dating the wrong partners, contact our expert matchmakers today and let us introduce you to the right one!


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