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Learning how to tell if a woman is into you is something many single men in Los Angeles struggle with, but it’s not as hard as it seems. And our Los Angeles personal matchmakers are here to teach you how to read the signs she’s really into you.

In today’s dating world, women can be a little more subtle and reserved; after all, they must think hard before determining whether they’re into a man or not and whether he’s worthy of dating.

In other words, no woman will ever come up and tell you she’s into you loud and clear—unless of course she’s one of those women who throws themselves at men—but if she is looking for something serious, our Los Angeles personal matchmakers know it will be a little harder to tell.

But don’t panic. She’ll drop subtle hints here and there—hints you need to pick up on so you know if and when to make your move. Today, our Los Angeles personal matchmakers here at LA Singles Dating Service will show you how to tell if a woman is into you.

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1. She makes a lot of eye contact with you.

Every man needs to learn how to read a woman, not by what she says, but what she doesn’t say. She is not going to come up and say she’s into you, but her body language will tell you right away. Her body will speak to you—without her even realizing it.

The best place to start is with her eyes. Her eyes will tell you a lot. They are the gateway to finding out if she’s into you or not. Her eyes could tell you that she’s interested, scared, or excited. If the woman you’ve been checking out is making some good eye contact with you, then you have your answer.

She is obviously interested in you, which is a good sign. Is she smiling too? It’s even better if her eye contact is accompanied by a pleasant smile. And if she’s laughing at your jokes, don’t sweat it because you’re good to go.

So as a rule of thumb, remember that if she is making good eye contact, smiling, and giving you her attention, then she’s into you.

2. Her body language will speak to you.

If after looking at her eyes, you’re still unsure if she’s into you or not, then the rest of her body will tell you. Now, this isn’t an excuse for you to check out her booty, as tempted as you might be.

Instead, we want you to look at the way her body is facing. Is it facing you or is it facing away? When it’s facing you, that’s good news for you, because this something men and women do subconsciously when they are captivated by someone. Now, this can be a little tricky to figure out if you’re both sitting at a bar on near each other at a coffee shop, but if she is tilted towards you and her face is facing you, take it as a good sign.

You also want to take a glance at her arms. If she interested in you, they’ll be open, and if not, they’ll be crossed. This might not necessarily mean she’s not into you, though. She could be thinking about something else; after all, she could have just had a bad day at the office. Also, glance down and take a closer look at her feet. Are they facing you or pointing away from you?

If you want to figure out if she’s into you, you need to read her body language. Trust us, it will tell you a lot.

3. Her hair will tell you.

You might not know that a woman’s hair releases a lot of pheromones, but it does, especially when she’s interested in a man. Women also know how hair can draw a man in, so they use it as a flirting technique.

She could be playing with her hair intentionally, or subconsciously, but either way, it’s a good sign for you. Who knew a woman’s hair could tell you if she’s into you?

Many women try to seduce men by flipping their hair side to side or twirling with their fingers, so play close attention to the way she touches her hair, especially if she’s flipping it around. A woman who is interested in you will definitely be touching her hair—bottom line. Now, if you notice this, it is your turn to walk up to her and introduce yourself.

4. Her lips will show you.

Although you might think this one is corny and cliché, believe us when we tell you that a woman’s lips can tell you a lot—that’s right, without even saying a word. Like we said, everything lies in her body language.

Women do things subconsciously, and purposely, when they’re interested in a man, and playing with her lips is one of them (well, unless it’s a cold day and her lips are chapped… Then she might be trying to soothe them).

If she is playing with her lips and looking at you while doing it, then she’s doing it to catch your attention and let you know she’s into you. Women are very smart and know exactly what they’re doing in the game of attraction.

If you haven’t seen any of these behaviors mentioned above, it’s time for you to better your skills in the dating game. Once you sharpen your skills, you’ll be able to spot the signs easily and learn if a woman is into you right away. If you need helpful dating coaching, contact our Los Angeles personal matchmakers here at LA Singles today.

Call in and arrange a free, non-obligation matchmaking consultation with one of our experienced Los Angeles personal matchmakers today. Let us help you find the woman of your dreams!

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