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With the new year here, the next big event is Valentine’s Day. Our Los Angeles professional matchmaking team have you covered if you’re already scrambling and looking for some helpful and romantic date ideas for V-Day.

Okay, it’s almost here again. The day you need to show your partner how romantic you can be. But if you are already struggling to come up with ideas of your own (which is why you’re browsing Valentine’s Day ideas), then read on as our Los Angeles personal matchmaking team gives you some new ideas that will not disappoint.

We’ve rounded up our top matchmakers with over 25 years of experience, and we’re sure we can deliver some phenomenal ideas for you to use this upcoming Valentine’s Day. Shhh, it’s our secret to help you surprise your loved one this year. From a beautiful opera to a hot air balloon, these original Valentine’s Day ideas are guaranteed to unleash your inner-romantic persona. Are you ready to get started? We are!

Italian Opera

When it comes to being romantic, there is no way you can go wrong with opera music or a great cinema date. So why don’t we bring the two of them together? Italian opera is great because they do cinema within. They provide a must-see type of event. A popular Italian opera artist named Bocelli is something we recommend you to see. He is one of the top opera cinema artists in the moment, and you don’t want to pass up this idea this year.

He is known for performing some of the best love songs in his unique style. This is perfect for your Valentine’s Day date.

Skate Together

Whether it’s roller skating in the park or ice-skating in the rink, take your Valentine’s date for a romantic night for two. You’ll find yourself reminiscing about your childhood days while getting close and intimate with your date. For the guys reading this, remember to catch her if she falls. Afterwards, nothing completes the evening like a hot cocoa or coffee. Ice-skating and hot cocoa go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Hit the Sweet Spot

Forget dinner and a movie and go straight to dessert. Pinpoint a few of your neighborhood’s best bakeries and head out for dessert. You already know that restaurants will be jam packed on this special date, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still go out together. Now, you’re just getting straight to the good part; after all, just about anyone will tell you that dessert is the best part.

Redo Your 1st Date

There’s a good chance that when you first started dating each other you went above and beyond for them, so why not turn back the clock and do the same exact thing you did for your first date. Women especially love this type of attention to detail. Think back to the place you went, what you ate, what you listened to on the way there, etc. Then, have fun recreating everything to a T. Our Los Angeles personal matchmaking team knows this is sure to be a romantic walk down memory lane.

Go for a Couples Massage

Massages are a must do activity for Valentine’s Day couples, especially those who are under a lot of stress at work or those who have children. You can either treat your partner to a full day at the spa where they can be pampered, you can do it together, or better yet, you can do it all at home. A relaxing massage for two is just the thing you need to get into the mood for Valentine’s Day. Trust us when we tell you your partner will melt for this idea.

Do Touristy Things

Since many people will be doing the dinner and a movie type of dates, why not avoid the crowd by playing tourist? Plan a few touristy type activities that you and your partner have always wanted to do. For example, why not check out the Hollywood sign, head down to the Santa Monica pier, or stroll the Hollywood Walk of Fame? There’s nothing wrong with playing tourist in your own town.

Have a Group Date

No one said Valentine’s Day needed to be spent only between two people. You can gather some friends and go out together or have a party at home. The women can cook while the men can bring the flowers and candies. You can play fun and entertaining games, have a few glasses of wine, and enjoy an evening full of laughs together.


Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, so why not volunteer your love to those who are in need? Volunteer at a local soup kitchen, a nursing home, or an animal shelter. This is a date idea that might not win the most romantic date award, but it’s sure to make you both feel good in your heart. Isn’t that what matters, after all?

Hot Air Balloon

Do you really want to knock your date’s socks off this Valentine’s Day? A hot air balloon ride is exactly what you need. Think of the look on your date’s face as you look down at the beautiful city below and pop a bottle of champagne. When it comes to being spontaneous and romantic, hot air balloon rides take the cake.

A Horse & Carriage Ride

A horse and carriage ride might be a little cliché, and you might be rolling your eyes right now, but if you’ve never done it before, then you have no idea how romantic it can be. There are many places that offer horse and carriage rides, so check them out and be sure to book in advance because they will be packed on V-Day.

Stay at Home & Eat

If you waited until the last moment to make the dinner reservations for his or her favorite restaurant and everything is booked, don’t panic. Pretend that you’re on a small vacation and have a romantic dinner for two at home. Let them know you’ll be preparing the appetizers and the main course meal, and allow your date to contribute the dessert. Create a beautiful and romantic ambience with melodic music, candles, flowers, and perhaps a fire in the fireplace. Oh, and don’t forget a bottle of nice wine or champagne.

If you’re currently single and looking to meet someone special, contact our professional matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles today. Let us introduce you to compatible, relationship-minded people who fit your dating criteria. Get started with Los Angeles premier matchmaking service and let us be the ones to help you find your perfect partner!

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