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Your little black dress, dinner, drinks… What’s better than date night with your favorite hunk?

As a Los Angeles matchmaking service with over 30 years in the business of love, we know that date nights should be one of the top priorities for couples. It is a time when both partners are free to enjoy each other’s company, hopefully away from the stress of life. This time together will help you remember why you are together in the first place.

A lot of guys aren’t too picky about what they do for a date, as long as they are with the person they love. However, there are several different ideas that are totally played out for most guys by now. Guys everywhere are tired of going shopping with their girlfriends – and going to the movies. They’ll go along, reluctantly. But trust us, it’s not something they want to be doing.

You want your boyfriend to be happy, right? Happiness means having fun. And having fun is important to a healthy relationship.

Today, our Los Angeles matchmaking service is going to show you date nights he’s fed up with. That’s right, ladies, it’s time to get out of this dating rut!

1. Boring Dinner Dates

Dinner dates aren’t all that bad. But they can easily get played out and become boring for your boyfriend. Choosing to go out to dinner on your date is an easy choice. After all, who doesn’t love to go out to eat? But it’s the obvious date night idea. Believe us, dinner out isn’t really anything exciting.

You choose the restaurant, your order from the menu, you eat your food, someone pays and you leave. Sure, there is room for some really great conversation, but nothing really exciting. Most guys are probably fed up with the dinner date night, especially if you always hit up the same restaurant. Ugh, time to switch things up!

2. Boring Movie Nights

Can we really even count going to a movies as a fun date? Sure, you’re sitting next to your boyfriend and can hold each other’s hands. But there isn’t really much you can do at the movies.

Choosing to go to the movies as the main event for the date night is very “junior high.” In addition to the lack of communication during the date, a lot of guys will probably let the girl choose which movie just to make her happy. And then he’s stuck watching a two-hour long romantic comedy. Ask any guy and he’ll tell you he’s so over that.

3. Family Get-togethers

Family-get-togethers lead to one thing for a lot of people… Stress. Going to a family get together, a grandparent’s birthday party, or hanging out with the kids at the park doesn’t make for a fun date. Any good guy is going to agree to go as your date, but he’s probably really tired of going to these events and having them considered as your dates.

It’s okay to attend these events as you need to be close with your family. But make sure you are doing something more together as a couple. Go out with the family, and then take your guy out on a fun date. You need to be close and have fun with each other too.

Are you guilty of planning any of these played out dates? If so, it’s time to spice things up and think outside the box. Use the spring weather to your advantage and plan something fun and adventure for you and your guy. It’s time to have fun, get romantic, and bring the excitement back to your relationship.

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