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 Whether for better or worse, people always change. Feelings change all the time. And a lot of times in relationships, that isn’t a good thing. Keep in mind that in this life we live in, those who are most able to adapt to change are the ones who are most likely to survive. And frankly speaking, it’s the same in relationships, as well. If there are some substantial changes that are going on in your relationship and you are failing to adapt to them or address them, then you are essentially dooming your own relationship.

The way your partner felt about you during the early stages of your relationship isn’t going to be the way he feels down the road. Sometimes, those feelings for you will grow and intensify. And that’s what you want. When his feelings for you become stronger and deeper, that will allow you to become closer as a couple. However, his feelings for you can also take a turn for the worse. He might be falling out of love with you. And if you’re not careful, you could lose him forever. So how do you know how he feels for you now? How do you know he’s truly happy with you and in the relationship?

Today, our Los Angeles matchmakers are going to show you signs his feelings have changed.

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1. He doesn’t try to comfort you anymore.

He really doesn’t make an effort to make you smile anymore. It used to be that your happiness was always his number one priority. He would always be willing to do whatever it took to put a smile on your face, but those days are long gone. Nowadays it doesn’t seem like he cares about your feelings whatsoever.

2. He tries to change you.

He no longer loves you for who you are as a person but rather just certain parts of you. There are some annoyances that he now realizes he’s not able to put up with. And so he’s become more and more intolerant of the parts of you that just don’t tickle his fancy these days. If he’s trying to change you, then you know you annoy him more than you make him happy.

3. You are the one that always initiates communication.

You are the one who is constantly initiating the conversations in the relationship. In fact, you are fairly certain that if you don’t reach out to him, then the two of you would probably never talk. You are the one who is constantly having to carry the relationship. He never calls, texts, or invites you out on dates anymore. He has completely distanced himself lately.

4. He doesn’t initiate intimacy.

He never holds your hand. He doesn’t kiss you on the forehead. He doesn’t give you a hug when you come home. He doesn’t do these things unless you ask him to do it. He clearly is no longer interested in you and the relationship. He no longer feels so attached to you.

5. He doesn’t invite you to go out with his friends.

He is trying to isolate you farther and farther away from his world. He is slowly crawling back to his own world and pushing you away. He’s making it seem like he’s getting more comfortable with getting his old life back and makes no effort to include you in it. He is pulling away from you any way he can.

If your guy is guilty of these behaviors, then you know he no longer has feelings for you. It’s time you talk to him and get to the bottom of it. You deserve to have a clean break. You don’t deserve to slowly be ghosted and left wondering what happened.

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