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It would be nice to have a guarantee of the longevity of your relationship, especially after all the work you do to get into one in the first place. Ugh, unfortunately, there isn’t any guarantee your love will last forever. And as Los Angeles matchmakers with over 30 years in the business of love, we know that even the best relationships out there are at risk when they’re not protected and cultivated with the utmost love and care.

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If you want to learn how to fool-proof your relationship, read on as our Los Angeles matchmakers here at LA Singles Dating Service reveal the top why love dies in a relationship.

1. Lack of Intimacy

Besides sex, intimacy includes being emotionally close to each other, listening, and nurturing the bond you have with one another. If you want to ensure your love lasts forever, never let the intimacy fade away. Hug, kiss, and cuddle each other to show your affection every day.

2. Bottling Up Feelings

It’s often easier in the moment to swallow small grievances, but the resentment that builds up over time can and will destroy the relationship. Never bottle up your feelings. Instead, discuss your annoyances and wants and desires with your partner.

3. Unrealistic Relationship Expectations

When you’re in love, you tend to form unrealistic expectations of the relationship. While there is no harm in putting your partner on a pedestal, there is a fine line between idealism and not seeing things that are wrong. Remember that all those romantic movies and TV shows have a one-dimensional feel to the character and situations, and your partner is only human, which means they’re prone to making mistakes. Don’t hold unrealistic expectations for your partner and your relationship or you’ll quickly make the love fizzle out.

4. Lack of a Strong Foundation

When love is built on a weak foundation, it will eventually crumble. Even great sexual chemistry isn’t enough to keep a relationship alive if it’s built on only sexual desires and physical attraction. Friendship, as strong as it may be, can’t be the only foundation to work from either. You must keep the romance and sexual attraction alive, as well.

Bottom line, you need to have trust and honesty. You need to have a solid foundation to get you through those hurdles that are inevitably going to come your way.

5. Betrayal

Trust is an expensive gift, and one should never expect it from cheap people. How far does the saying, “Once a cheater, always a cheater” go? Truth be told, we know that usually when a person cheats, they’re very like to go back out there and do it again. After all, if they get away with it or are forgiven once, why wouldn’t they test their luck again?

When one has been betrayed by the other, it can be hard to trust that person again. It is because of this that love dies in a relationship.

6. Fear

It’s okay to be afraid of losing your partner, but the problem arises when you’re so scared of losing your partner that you end up doing irrational things. Sometimes, holding on to them so tightly can actually hurt the relationship.

You may think that you’re just doing what it takes to make your partner happy, but you’d be surprised at how well people can smell desperation. Don’t cling to your partner so much that you suffocate them. Don’t ever let your own doubts and insecurities ruin the love in your relationship.

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7. Lack of Growth

The years tend to change people, no matter how subtle the changes might be. Couples in healthy relationships allow the years to help them grow into better version of themselves. They find ways to help each other become better, stronger, and wiser.

However, there are some couples who try so hard to hold on to their honeymoon stage that the relationship never grows. There are also some couples who bring each other down instead of helping each other reach their highest potential.

There are many reasons why love fizzles out in relationships. If you understand the reasons why love fades away, you can better nurture and protect the love in your own relationship.

On the other hand, if you realize the love has died in your relationship and have tried to get it back without success, don’t let your hope for love die too. Take it from us, you are capable of finding love again – and better yet, this time around you’ll be better equipped to keep it alive and strong.

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