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As Los Angeles matchmakers with 30 years in the LA dating industry, we know it’s inevitable to reach a point where you start pondering the thought of marriage. If you’ve been dating a guy for six-plus months, it’s pretty likely that you’ve done your fair share of dreaming about walking down the aisle. Are we right?

Of course, we are! That’s why you’re here today reading this dating article. And since dating in Los Angeles is tough, you want to know you found the right guy.

While we know you want to marry someone with whom you share crazy chemistry and are totally head over heels for, there are many other things you need to look for to ensure this is the right decision for you.

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Read on as our passionate Los Angeles matchmakers reveal the top signs you’re ready to marry your guy.

1. It feels like you’ve been together forever.

Does it feel like you’ve been together for longer than you have? If you’ve been together for a year and it feels like you’ve been together for five because the two of you are on the same page – crazy about each other and in line with your values and future goals – then marriage is in your future.

2. You share the same future goals & aspirations.

Speaking of shared values and future goals… Do you both want the same things out of life? Do you both want to work up the career ladder for a few years before having children? Do you both want to get married and start a family right away? Whatever your plans are, you’re both on the same page, and that means wedding bells are chiming for your future.

3. It’s like you’re already married.

Do you already live together? Do you already act like husband and wife? Do you both hang out with the other’s family? Does everyone get along? Are you missed if you can’t make an event with your families? If your families both love the two of you being together, that’s a huge deal for you.

4. Anything goes with your conversation.

Do you feel like you can talk to your boyfriend about anything? Does conversation flow smoothly and naturally between you? Since conversation is a major element in a happy and healthy relationship, you want to ensure you can chat about anything with your guy. While you might want to save the juicy gossip and makeup trends for your gal pals, and he might want to reserve the sports talk for his buddies, if you can feel at ease talking about anything together, that’s a great indicator your relationship is strong and marriage is in your cards.

5. The proposal and wedding aren’t what you’re daydreaming about.

Are you okay with a non-traditional proposal, or are you expecting an extravagant proposal and wedding that you can brag to your friends about and saturate your social media pages with?

If you’re daydreaming about spending the rest of your life with him and aren’t just imagining a fairy-tale proposal and wedding, that shows you truly love and care about this guy. If you’re more concerned about who he is as a person and not how he proposes, that’s a great sign you’re meant to be together.

While many people believe you should get engaged and married after a certain amount of time, every couple is different. If you’re trying to figure out whether marriage is in your future, examine these five telltale signs you’re meant to be together to figure out where you stand.

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