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It’s hard to tell during the early stages of the relationship if your love will last – it’s not until you settle down into a boring, comfortable routine that your long-term potential becomes clear. If any of these signs are happening in your relationship, be happy. Your relationship has what it takes to last forever.

Today, our Los Angeles matchmakers here at LA Singles Dating Service will reveal telling signs your relationship will last.

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1. You fully trust each other.

Trust is the key ingredient to a successful and long-lasting relationship. Without it your relationship will never work. You might as well not even bother trying. If you find yourself always skeptical and worried about what he’s doing or who he’s seeing and vice versa, there’s a huge problem in your relationship. You know you’re on the right path when you’re with someone you can full trust without any doubt in your mind.

2. You don’t be the need to be together all the time.

You both have your own separate lives outside of the relationship and don’t have to worry about what the other person is doing. You don’t have feelings of resentment, jealousy, or even sadness when you want to do something with your friends or even on your own. Couples who are constantly attached to the hip are often either still in the early stages of the relationship or really codependent, which is bad news, as well.

3. You feel secure in the relationship.

You’re confident in the strength and integrity of your relationship and don’t have to question anything about it. You don’t worry about exes, someone new coming along, or even the thought of losing interest. Your relationship is very strong and solid. Basically, the two of you have an unbreakable bond.

4. You have similar life goals.

You don’t necessarily have to have the same life goals, but wanting the same things when it comes to your relationship is the key for a long-lasting relationship. Whether it’s planning to move in together, going on vacation, or getting married, you both need to be going in the same direction. Whatever happens, you’re sure you want to be together through it all.

5. You’re moving along at the same speed.

On a similar note, you shouldn’t just want the same things in life, you need to be working towards those goals at the same time and speed. There’s no sense in both of you wanting marriage if your partner wants it 10 years from now and you want it now. A relationship that’s built to last consists of two people who are moving things along at the same pace. If you’re hitting milestones and celebrating them regularly, you’re good to go.

So tell us, how does your relationship measure up? Is it built to last, or are you still searching for the one?

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