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Are you and your best friend an ideal match? Are they a little more than just your bestie? Los Angeles matchmakers from LA Singles will show you the top 10 signs you and your best friend are already dating… And you had no idea!

Have strangers, friends, and family members asked if there’s something between you and your best friend? It might have been cute the first time someone asked you, but after so many questions, now you’re wondering what’s up… You’re wondering if the two of you are seriously dating.

If the thought of dating your best friend has you saying, “Ew, gross,” then you probably haven’t thought about dating them yet—and with good reason, they are your best friend.

Our Los Angeles matchmakers know that dating a best friend is something that happens quite often in the dating world, but it does require a lot of caution. They are your best friend, so you don’t want to lose that close friendship.

Signs You’re Already Dating

Have the two of you crossed the line into relationship territory? Find out as our Los Angeles matchmakers review the signs you’re already romantically involved with your best friend.

1. Your Friends Have Already Put a Label on You

Friends know it all, right? And our friends can often see something before we see it. Are you constantly defending the fact that the two of you are not dating? Do your friends think they have to invite your best friend to everything they invite you to?

If your friends have already paired you guys up, or given you the label of boyfriend and girlfriend, then you’re already in romantic territory.

2. You Know Each Other Too Well

You and your best friend are so connected to each other that you always know what the other is thinking, without having to say a word. Someone bothers you at a party, you can secretly mock them with your bff without saying a word. Feeling bummed due to a stressful situation in life? Your best friend already knows just by looking at you. That’s right, they know you extremely well and communicate with you without speaking, just like couples do.

3. They Are Your Confidant

You received an invitation for a wedding and automatically ask your best friend to go. When you have a family funeral, it’s them who accompanies you. When you get a job promotion, they’re the first one to know.

Why bother looking for a date when you already have one in mind?

4. You Become Jealous of Them

If your best friend made plans that don’t revolve around you, or goes out with friends without you, you secretly get a little jealous. Now ask yourself, is it the plans you’re jealous about or is it that your best friend is hanging out with other people that is making you jealous? Either way, if you are not dating them, why would you become a green eyed monster?

5. You Talk for Long Periods of Time

Best friends are entitled to talk to one another, whether it’s by phone calls, text messages, or social media, but if you find that you’re spending most of your day talking to them and can’t go a day without communication, then this friendship might already be a little more than a platonic friendship.

6. You Have Fights That Feel Like Breakups

If you and your best friend engage in fights that feel a little more like breakups, then your relationship might be more than a friendship. Sure, we’ve all had our fights with our best friends, but if a particular fight leaves you feeling down and out, makes you cry, or leaves you feeling weird, then you might be in couple’s territory.

7. You Share Everything with Each Other

Does he tell you about what he ate for breakfast? Does she tell you about her issues with her mom? Does he tell you that he had a fight with his boss? Does she run up to you and tell you about her fight with Jenny, the secretary at work? Oversharing is a major sign you’re already in relationship territory with your so-called “bestie.”

If you share things with your best friend that you don’t share with anyone else, like embarrassing secrets, shameful mistakes, or skeletons in the closet, then our Los Angeles matchmakers know the two of you could be stepping into relationship territory.

8. Plans Are Assumed

You already know that the two of you will be seeing each other this afternoon

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