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Meeting people who like the same things and share the same goals can be complicated, especially in a big city like Los Angeles. If you’re having troubles meeting like-minded singles in LA, let our Los Angeles elite matchmakers show you the best places to meet eligible men and women who share the same interests, values, and goals as you—let us show you where to meet compatible singles in California.

How to Meet Like-Minded Singles in LA

Meeting like-minded singles in LA is not an exact science, but there are a few things our Los Angeles elite matchmakers know you can do to put the odds in your favor.

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1. Define what type of people you’re looking for.

You’ll stand a much better chance of meeting like-minded people if you know what you’re looking for. Many people assume they know what they want when they really have no clue, and this is something our Los Angeles elite matchmakers see all the time.

If you ask someone what they like to eat, they will usually tell you what they dislike first rather than give you all the things they do like. You need to figure out exactly what you want, not just what you don’t want, in a partner so you can begin your search with a clear idea.

Maybe you want someone with the same hobbies and interests as you or someone who shares the same lifestyle as you. Decide what you want and begin your search.

2. Know where to search.

Okay, once you have figured out what type of partner you want to meet, the question becomes where can you find them?

Where can I go and meet this person?

For example, if you are a health nut who is into working out and you desire a partner who shares the same lifestyle as you, it is obvious that the first place to look for someone is at your local gym, fitness classes, a running club, or an intramural sports club. You need to look for your partner at places they’re most likely to frequent. If you are a wine connoisseur, then join a wine club, attend winetasting events, and visit local vineyards and wineries. Once you figure out where to begin your search, you’ll increase your chances of meeting the right partner.

3. Frequent those places.

Okay, so now that you know where to look, now it’s time to start going there more often. Believe us, you’re not going to meet a like-minded partner by sitting on your sofa all day. Keep visiting these places and you’ll eventually meet like-minded people. Maybe you’ll meet a friend here and there… and even if it’s not a romantic connection, they may be able to introduce you to someone who is perfect for you. If you are shy, then go with a friend. There is nothing wrong with going in a group and expanding your social circle together.

4. Put yourself in good situations.

If you want to find love, then you need to take control of your destiny. And you can do this by expanding the places you look for love. You can increase your circle of friends or you can even hire a professional matchmaking to narrow down your search… Our Los Angeles elite matchmakers would love to hear from you.

Your friends might try their best to introduce you to people they think would be a good fit for you, but if you want an expert who has the knowledge and experience, a professional matchmaker is your best option. Here at Los Angeles Singles, we have almost three decades of experience connecting like-minded singles in LA.

5. Don’t blindly listen to your friends.

Again, although your friends have your best interest at heart, they are not professional matchmakers. They may know you, and even what you’re looking for in a partner, but they don’t know how to properly vet someone. They might introduce you to someone who shares the same hobbies and interests but not long term goals. Here at Los Angeles Singles, we go above and beyond. We introduce you to people who share core values, relationship expectations, and goals for the future. Our introductions almost always lead to long lasting relationships and marriages.

6. Give it time.

Just like anything else in life, meeting like-minded singles in LA is not going to happen overnight, especially if you’re looking for a serious relationship. You have probably been on the lookout for many years now, and adopting a new strategy doesn’t mean it’s going to work overnight. You need to be patient and give it time.

Although you can surely do it by yourself, and the possibilities of finding love are there, you can greatly increase your chances by hiring a professional matchmaker to make your search for love easier and less time consuming.

People might tell you that you’ll meet the right partner when you least expect it, but our Los Angeles elite matchmakers don’t believe in that dating approach. You can’t expect to find a good job when you least expect it, nor can you lose weight if you stop trying. If you want to find love, you need to be proactive with your search and be at the right places at the right time, which can be challenging if you have a hectic schedule. If your busy schedule is preventing you from meeting like-minded singles in LA, let us help you on your search. Let us introduce you to the partner of your dreams.

Remember, when trying to meet like-minded singles in LA, quantity is not better than quality. If you have high standards and refuse to settle for less, we want to hear from you! Call (310) 438-5157 today to reserve your FREE matchmaking consultation.


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