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Here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service, our experienced matchmakers know there are many things you can do to have a successful date. Acknowledging the things you should be concentrating on and knowing what you must avoid during your first date can significantly improve your chances of getting a second date and having someone who never called you before, call you more frequently.

If you know exactly what it takes to have a successful first date, you will be able to go on your first date with the confidence and assurance it takes to make it a successful one. You will know what you’re doing ahead of time because you know the inside tricks to get prepared. This will put a limit on the surprises you encounter and make you come out on top. So let’s get ready as our Los Angeles elite matchmakers review how to have a successful date night with that new woman who caught your eye.

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1. Be on Time

One of the most important things you must do on your first date is arrive on time. And the quickest way to sour a date is to show up late. If you are running late, your date will believe you did not care enough for her to make the commitment to show up on time.

Another thing that can happen if you are running late is that your date might decide not to wait for you any longer and leave before you get there. As a successful man, you already know first impressions matter, so being on time is the best way to make a great first impression.

2. Make Her Feel Comfortable

Try to make her feel as comfortable as you can. Everyone gets a little nervous and skittish when they go on a first date with someone they don’t know. If you’re making your date feel comfortable, you will also feel comfortable; therefore, you’ll be confident and have a successful first date together. Laughing at her jokes, complimenting her, and showing interest in what she’s saying is a great way of making her feel comfortable.

3. Keep the Conversation Alive

Be interesting and keep the conversation flowing. You don’t want to show up to your first date without anything to say and no clue what to ask her all night long. You need to prepare yourself with interesting conversation topics, things that will keep the conversation flowing easily and naturally.

4. Pay Close Attention

Show genuine interests in what she’s telling you, and pay attention when she’s speaking to you. Let her know you care about what she’s saying. Practice your conversation skills early and this will help you be ready for your first date with her.

5. Don’t Talk about Yourself Too Much

Do NOT talk about yourself all night long. This is actually something that will backfire on you. Why? Because if you talk about yourself all night long, you will come off as egotistical and stuck on yourself. Our Los Angeles elite matchmakers want you to ask her questions instead. Give her the chance to talk and remember that the whole night isn’t about you. If you are the person doing all the talking and never letting her get a word in, you probably won’t hear from her again.

6. Don’t Talk about Past Relationships

Do not discuss your past relationships. No one really wants to hear about your ex, especially her. She doesn’t want to know that your ex was a stalker or constantly nagged you. It is a huge turn off for her and guaranteed to reduce your chances of a second date.

This is a new person and a new beginning. Focus on the first date you have with her and find out more about her to see if the two of you are compatible for one another.

7. Pick the Right Place

You need to take her somewhere that encourages conversation. Perhaps a romantic restaurant where you can order a nice meal and a nice glass of wine, not a bar that is too noisy. Remember, if you take her somewhere like the movies or a football game, you will not be able to talk and get to know each other; therefore, defeating the whole purpose of a first date.

8. Don’t Get Nervous

You need to be positive and avoid negative topics. Try your best to relax and enjoy your first date. Remember that a date is just a date and you are not going to tie the knot with her the next day. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself or the date itself. Relax and enjoy the moment you have with this new woman.

9. Be Yourself

Although it is important to give out a good first impression (because you don’t get to do it again), misinterpreting yourself to impress her will not be a good idea. Our Los Angeles elite matchmakers want you to be honest, to be yourself, and showcase your good qualities. Avoid coming off too serious or boring as it will make her feel uncomfortable. Be natural, crack jokes, make her laugh, and keep the conversation flowing.

10. Good Grooming

It is important to present yourself as attractive when you go out on a first date. Get a proper haircut, trim your nails, wear clean clothes, the right amount of cologne, and brush your teeth.

11. Work on Your Budget

Great first dates don’t have to be over the top or expensive. But of course, if you can afford it, there is nothing preventing you from doing it. It is important to be realistic with how much you spend on your first date. The last thing you want to do is go bankrupt the next day just because you wanted to impress her. Be realistic, not over the top.

Knowing some first date rules will help you get prepared for your first date as well as ease your nerves. Now that you know how to have a successful first date, we want you to meet someone you can have fun with. Are you ready to make it happen? If so, let our Los Angeles elite matchmakers know today!

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