Looking for Love in Los Angeles? 5 Attitudes to Avoid in Dating

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Finding love isn’t about simply wanting a relationship to stop feeling lonely. It’s about being emotionally ready to look out for someone else’s well-being in addition to continuing to live your own life. Happy couples don’t get together by accident. A healthy relationship is a result of hard work from both partners. That work never ends, but the effort is worth it for those couples who can put in continued efforts and keep the relationship alive and thriving.

Many singles who are looking for love in Los Angeles don’t understand that there are many attitudes that can and will prevent them from finding love. As the top LA matchmakers, we’ve identified the worst attitudes to have in your dating life. Ditch them now if you ever want to find love.

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1. You don’t think you’re good enough.

If you’ve been single for some time now, there’s a very good chance that you have an awful habit of telling yourself that you’re not good enough for anyone. Not good enough for the bartender, your coworker, or your fitness instructor. If you don’t think you’re good enough, then no one is going to think you’re good enough.

Confidence is key when looking for love in Los Angeles, so make sure you exude it from every pore. It doesn’t matter if you’re not the most attractive person in the room, not the funniest, and not the best dressed because if you’re confident, you’ll always be successful.

2. You don’t think you’re worthy of a relationship.

You’d be surprised how many singles in Los Angeles say this to themselves. Many people don’t think they deserve to be in a happy relationship. Well, guess what? If you believe this, the universe will believe it too and keep you single as a punishment. So stop with the bad habit of negativity and snap out of it so you can finally find the love you truly deserve.

3. You always gossip.

If you’re one of those people who is constantly gossiping and telling your date “What Susie said or what Susie did,” your date is not going to want to see you again. Be sure to end this bad habit today because no one likes a gossiper. Keep the details of your life to yourself and present yourself in a drama-free way. You’ll find that doing this will make potential partners more eager to see you.

4. You’re too picky.

Stop finding fault in everything and everyone because no one is perfect. Being too picky is a bad habit that will prevent you from finding love. Finding fault in everything and everyone will work against you. For example, if you complain that their shoes did not match their pants, you can rest assured that you’re going to be single for a long time. No one will ever be good enough for you, so it’s time to let the little things go when it comes to your dates.

5. You have too high of expectations.

Sure, everyone wishes they could date someone who belongs on the front cover of a magazine, but chances are that’s not going to happen. Snap back to reality and stop envisioning the impossible. So what if he doesn’t have six-pack abs? So what if she’s not blonde and tall? If they treat you right, make you laugh, and respect you, they are worth a shot.

There’s nothing wrong with having standards, but you need to keep your expectations realistic if you don’t want to be single forever.

At the end of the day, you have to sit back and do a little self-analyzing. If you notice a handful of these behaviors, then realize that it’s these bad habits that are keeping you single. Finding a partner has nothing to do with luck. It has everything to do with being ready to welcome someone else into your life. When you do find them, continue to put in the same efforts as you did in the beginning. That’s the secret to keeping a relationship alive. Fix these attitudes now and you won’t be single for much longer.

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