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Does she like you? Do you have a shot? Our Los Angeles elite matchmakers hear this question all the time. It’s very difficult to understand what people think about you, let alone what is going on inside a woman’s head. So how can you know if she’s into you?

There are many signs a woman displays when she’s into a man. If a woman is not into you, you can rest assured that you’ll notice too. When it comes to attracting a woman, the man needs to be the one to take the first step. Don’t expect her to come to you. Although in today’s modern dating scene, many women won’t mind making the approach, most women still prefer the traditional way, which means you need to be the one to approach her.

How do you know if she likes you? Today, our Los Angeles elite matchmakers will point you in the right direction and help you sharpen your dating skills.

If you want to know the answers, the first thing you need to do is talk to her. Making small talk and conversation is important if you want to get somewhere with her. You need to initiate the conversation and do it properly. The first step is simply to go up and talk to her.

If you are trying to get your answer, use this guide from our Los Angeles elite matchmakers as a basis to find out if she likes you.

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How Do I Know If She Likes Me?

When you approach her and introduce yourself, check her reaction and see if you notice something different. Is she acting a little shy? Does she touch her hair? Is she showing any signs of being interested?

Make a joke; yes, go ahead and make a joke, but don’t use one you read on the internet. Remember that women are highly attracted to men with a funny bone, and if you can make her giggle, you’re halfway there.

Signs She Likes You

Women are not good at hiding their expressions, especially in the presence of a man they like. Therefore, if you are the lucky man who caught her eye, you can bet your every dollar that her facial expressions and body language will tell you.

When you are in her presence, do not flirt with other women; instead, devote your undivided attention to her. If she likes you, then she may behave a little strange when you come around. She might even lose her words, play with her hair, or play with her phone out of nervousness.

This might not be obvious to you, but try to keep an eye for it. It’s those little things that will point you in the right direction in your romantic life.

If She Likes You…

If a woman likes you, and likes to be around you, then there is a high possibility that she’ll run into you more often. If a woman likes a man, she’ll try to run into him intentionally. Keep an eye for hugs and bumps too. Does she hug you when she runs into you? Does she seem excited when she bumps into you?

Now, a hug doesn’t necessarily mean she likes you, because, as you know, women are very friendly.

However, if you notice that the woman in question always seems to get close to you, then she might have a little crush on you. Additionally, if she makes plans to see you again, then she is definitely into you.

If She Wants You…

There will be something about her eyes you need to look for. Women use their eyes when they’re interested in a man. When you look into her eyes, it shows her you’re confident and know what you’re doing. This is why it’s very important to maintain good eye contact.

If she is interested in you, she’ll blush when you make eye contact. She might also play with her eyes and bat her eyelashes a bit.

Keep an Eye on Her Friends

Another way to figure out if a woman likes you is to keep a close eye on her friends. One thing you need to know is that women tell each other everything. Her close friends will already know that she has a thing for you and will try to help her out.

If you think that she likes you, try to take a look at her friends and see if you notice any hints they’re trying to give you. For instance, they might smile at you more than normal, or they might be checking you out. Your job is to be nice to them and win them over to get to her.

Things Get a Little Playful

Any woman can be polite and friendly, but if she’s into you, it will be more than that—things will get a bit flirtatious. She will laugh at your jokes, she will extend compliments, and she’ll try to show you she has a thing for you. If she tells you that you look good today, compliments you on your style, or says how funny you are, then she’s definitely interested in you.

So where do you take it from here? The best thing to do is invite her out on a date. Arrange a casual date to get to know her better. We suggest you take her out and get to know her on a deeper level by asking open-ended questions. Remember to make her feel special and reassure her that she’s made the right choice of going out with you.

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