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There is nothing quite like being in a loving relationship. The experience is unlike anything in the world. However, no matter what you do, sometimes a relationship is just not meant to be, and as awful as it feels, it comes to an end.

After the sudden ending of a relationship, there are a million things floating through your mind. You replay everything; the conversations, the arguments, and everything you did together.

There are different ways to deal with a breakup: you pull out old movies, grab some junk food, and hang out with friends. But another thing you should do after a breakup is take away valuable lessons, which is something our Los Angeles matchmakers are going to show you how to do today.

There will be a time of introspection, which is when you’ll wish you had known better. There will be things you wish you hadn’t done and other things you wish you would have. But a lot of it can be looked at as valuable lessons. Today, our Los Angeles matchmakers will show you what a breakup can really teach you.

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1. Everything is slow and steady.

Anything that is worthwhile will require time and patience. After the first couple of dates, it’s easy to get swept away by your new partner. At this point, you think your new love interest is the most wonderful person in the world. You’ll think they’re flawless and perfect for you. You’ll think they are the one you’re going to spend the rest of your life with.

However, our Los Angeles matchmakers want you to know that even if you are certain they are the one for you, you should take your time and proceed slowly. Never dive in headfirst because that’s how you risk getting your heart broken again.

2. Don’t neglect yourself and others.

Don’t ever neglect yourself for the sake of someone else. This should be obvious, yet many people neglect themselves when they get into a new relationship. Relationships can be the most wonderful thing in the world, and finding someone you connect with and can spend your life with is priceless, but don’t forget to take care of yourself.

Our Los Angeles matchmakers don’t want you to neglect yourself, your friends, your family, or job just because you are dating someone new. You had a life before them and you need to continue to live that life while dating them. Ensure you devote time to the people and things that make you who you are and don’t get carried away because you’re in a new relationship. Otherwise, you’ll lose yourself and the breakup will be much harder when the relationship ends.

3. Take your time to develop the relationship.

Talking about love and going slow, you should wait to have sex until you are confident they are the one for you. We know that you heard this rule many times before, but you really need to apply it to your dating life, if you don’t already. Don’t get intimate unless you are seriously committed; this is very important.

Take time and get to know them. Let the relationship grow slowly. Many people in today’s dating world don’t follow this rule, but you need to from here on out. By taking time to get intimate, you’re better able to examine if they’re the right person for you. Plus, if they stick around, you know they are the one. And if they don’t want to wait, you know they’re not right for you.

If they are pressuring you, then you know they are not the one for you. Take time and give your relationship time to grow before you take things to the bedroom.

4. You’ll discover what you want and don’t want.

Not everyone knows what they want from a relationship. When you first start dating, you might think you want one thing, only to have it change after a while. A breakup can teach you what you want and don’t want in a partner. A breakup allows you to examine your relationship and figure out what you want and don’t want in the next one.

5. Not everyone wants the same thing from dating.

Not everyone you date is going to be open and honest. Some people are simply looking for casual dating and want to up the number of people under their belt. Not everyone in the LA dating world wants a serious relationship. Just because you want that doesn’t mean they do too, and now you know this for next time.

6. Don’t read like an open book.

Don’t share your life story in the first days of dating. It doesn’t matter how much you like them and feel comfortable in their presence, never share everything about yourself on the first few dates. Again, this all goes back to taking things slow. You should let your relationship develop at a normal pace. Don’t rush anything by sharing your life stories too soon.

7. Don’t compromise who you are as a person.

Don’t ever put the person you’re dating on a pedestal. They might seem great at the beginning, but remember that we’re all human and we all have flaws. Don’t put on a pedestal and lower yourself down. Similarly, never compromise your values and beliefs because that’s what makes you who you are as a person. If they don’t have the same values and beliefs as you, then you shouldn’t date them.

Above are just a few of the valuable lessons you can learn from a painful breakup. Although breakups hurt, they come with valuable knowledge, which will make you a better dater. Hopefully you can learn from your breakup and use it to make yourself a better person.

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