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At one point or another, you’ve probably wondered if you should text him. Should you be the one to text him first? What are you supposed to say in the text? Don’t worry, our matchmakers here at LA Singles Dating Service are going to help you with that today.

Many single women in Los Angeles aren’t really sure if they should be the ones to text first or if they should wait for the guy to make the first move. These questions haunt the minds of many women in today’s dating scene. You both have each other’s numbers so what is the next step?

The truth is, today’s dating world can be tricky. Who says women can’t make the first move? Why should you sit back and let a wonderful man get away? Today, our matchmakers are going to show you how and when you should text a guy.

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What if you want to text a guy first?

Now, unfortunately, dating rules are there for a reason. If you want to have success in the LA dating scene, then you’re going to have to follow certain texting rules. These rules or guidelines are going to maximize your chances with him and help you reel him in.

That being said there, the questions is whether or not you should text him first. To help you out our LA Singles matchmakers are going to help you understand everything about texting a guy first.

1. Take a deep breath and relax for a little.

Before you make any rash decisions, you need to calm down for a second. Meeting an attractive guy with all the qualities of a great boyfriend can make a woman go crazy. Those nerves you are feeling now can make you do things you’ll regret later. The last thing you want to do is blow your chances because you sent him something that made you look needy or desperate.

Our matchmakers want you to sit back for a second and relax. Let your nerves settle before you text him.

2. Decipher how long it has been.

Texting a guy the minute you leave the restaurant or bar where you met him will make you look desperate—no doubt about it. You don’t want to look desperate or needy, men hate it.

If it has only been a day or two, wait another day or so before you text him. If it has been a week and you haven’t heard anything from him, then go ahead and send him a text. Shoot him a message asking how he is doing. You need to engage him so he can text back and get the conversation flowing.

3. Talk to a friend and get their opinion.

It goes without saying that you are seeing things from a different point of view. Here at LA Singles, we know it might be a good idea to talk to a close friend to get a second opinion. Try to get your friend’s opinion to see what they think about you texting this guy first. They will most likely give you the unbiased opinion that you need right now.

4. Find out if you are just being needy.

Neediness is a huge turn off in men. If you are starting the relationship off on a needy note, you’re going to scare him away pretty fast. Before you press send on your phone and send him that text, stop for a second and ask yourself if you are just being needy and desperate. Would you be annoyed if someone you just met send you a text the following day? If the answer is yes, then don’t send it.

5. Has he made contact with you in any way?

If the two of you have been talking daily or have met more than once, then you have the clear to go ahead to text him.

If he has already contacted you, then it’s obvious that he is interested in you. In this situation, you should have no problem sending him a text. Just make sure it’s not you doing all the texting all the time.

6. Find out how you feel about him.

Sometimes a man with good looks can make a woman weak in the knees. Before you send a text, stop and ask yourself how you feel for him. Think really hard and see if you really like him or if you are just excited about him because you haven’t dated in a long time.

7. Think about the first meet.

You should also think hard about the first time the two of you met. If it was a great time, you both had a blast, and he was clearly into you, then wait a day or two before you text him. This gives both of you time to mull over the wonderful time you both had together and miss each other a little.

If the date didn’t go that good but you think he could be the one for you, send him a text asking him to go to another date. He might believe that he lost his chances with you, so sending him a text will give him the confidence he needs to fire up again. Hey, this could be the beginning of something great.

8. Think about the text you’re going to send.

Sometimes, single women in Los Angeles get so hyped about the new men they meet that they don’t realize what they are about send in the text message. A simple “Hi” isn’t going to cut it for a first text. If you want to really get him going, you are going to have to send something engaging.

If you were teetering on the edge of texting him, hopefully this guide from our LA Singles matchmakers will make your decision a bit clearer. If you were pondering about sending him a text first, now you know the rules to follow to make it a success.

If you’re like many single women in Los Angeles, you might not have a lot of time to devote to dating, and that’s where our expert matchmakers come in. Here at LA Singles, we do all the hard work of dating for you, leaving you to show up and enjoy quality dates with compatible men. Fill out the simple questionnaire at the top of the page to reserve your FREE no obligation matchmaking consultation today.

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