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Are you having a hard time turning down men who just keep on going? Today, our LA professional matchmaking service will show you how to turn down every man who doesn’t fit your criteria, in an appropriate way.

Being looked at by every man might seem like the best compliment out there, but the problem is, many men don’t get it and keep on going. Just because a man is attracted to you doesn’t mean you need to give him your attention.
So if you are sick and tired of being a woman who is insistently pursued by men who are not your type, our LA professional matchmaking service will show you how to turn them down the right way.

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Turning Down the Jerks

This is the arrogant man at the bar, you know, the one who can’t stop talking about his Lexus, his penthouse, his high paying job, and how many women he’s been with. For one reason or another, he thinks this technique is the best one to pick up women. If you know this guy falls into the jerk category, you need to pursue accordingly.

1. Tell Him “Listen, that’s not going to work on me” and Leave

Okay, remember you have to tell him “Listen” right at the beginning of his pickup lines. This is because jerks just love the sound of their voice, so much so, that once they start talking, you won’t get a word in. Before he realizes that he’s just been rejected, walk away from him, and leave him talking to himself.

2. I’m Allergic to Your Lies

This might be a little extreme, but it’s a slap to the face of those men who just can’t stop with their non-stop lies. If you notice he’s telling you things you know aren’t true, again, leave and go elsewhere.

3. You Don’t Get It, Right?

If he keeps on going and won’t let you alone, then this will certainly get him to stop. While he is trying to figure out why you are not attracted to him, get the bouncer at the bar and let him know this man is harassing you.

How to Turn Down a Friend

Our LA professional matchmaking service knows that turning down a friend might be hard to do, but it’s necessary, especially if you don’t have the same feelings as he does for you. Of course for him, you don’t want to use the same techniques as you did with the jerk. After all, you do care about your friend’s feelings, and this is where gentleness and kindness to get the job done.

1. I Just Want Us to Keep Being Friends

This is the honest and polite thing to say, but your friend will still see it in a bad, hurtful way. At least when you give him this line, you are not leading him on. It may hurt him, yes, but it’s the right approach for turning down a friend. And it leaves no room for doubts.

2. I Don’t Want to Destroy the Friendship

This is a common line, and it’s common for a reason. Of course you don’t want to destroy the friendship you both have in the case the relationship fails. Tell him you don’t want to take things to the next level because of your fears of ruining what you both have already.

3. Be Nice to Him

You already hurt his feelings, but since he is your friend, you just can’t leave him crying and drowning in misery. Comfort him and tell him that it will be okay. But remember, though, you need to distance yourself for a while to give him a reminder he is remaining in the friend zone.

4. Set Him Up with Someone Else

You need to tell him you have someone else you think is perfect for him. If you have any single friends who are looking to start dating, set him up.

Turning Down a Coworker

Our LA professional matchmaking service knows dating at your office might seem exciting and fun, but it can also bring down repercussions and gossip. In addition to this, some places ban office romances altogether. So if you don’t want to lose your job or want to be part of the latest office gossip, then you can reject your coworker using the following techniques.

1. Mention the Policies Against Dating

Once you say this to him, he’ll likely get the hint since he definitely doesn’t want you to lose your job over him. If he doesn’t get the hint, tell him your boss will not like the idea, and that human resources won’t be pleased about it either. He’ll most likely back off before you say another word.

2. My Career Comes First

Tell him that an office relationship isn’t something you are trying to pursue because right now you are completely focused on your career. Tell him that you’re looking to work up the ladder and dating someone from the office will only distract you from your tasks. This can be true or a line, doesn’t matter, but it’s a great way to reject a man who is bothering you at the office, all while keeping things professional.

3. I Don’t Date at My Job

If you don’t want to seem like you are married to your career, then you can use this perfect little line. This shows him that you don’t want to mix your personal life with your career, and because of it, you will never date anyone at the office.

Whatever technique you choose, make sure you stand your ground. If it’s a friend or a coworker, be subtle with your technique. But if it’s a jerk, then by all means do whatever it takes to turn him down. And remember, it might be time to get security to kick him out!

If you’re looking to meet compatible men in Los Angeles, contact our matchmaking professionals today and let us be the ones to introduce you!

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