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Wanting to find love and hating dating in Los Angeles go together like peanut butter & jelly.  Oh, yes, you can absolutely feel those things at the same exact time.  You aren’t the only person who feels this way.  Dating in Los Angeles can be disheartening, tough, tricky, and a little bit exhausting, wouldn’t you agree?  As professional matchmakers here in Los Angeles, we know firsthand how difficult the LA dating scene is to navigate on your own.  But, hey, if you want to find love, you have to do it.  After all, love isn’t going to magically appear on your doorstep.

So you have to give dating a try and do your best to find someone, no matter how frustrating dating in Los Angeles can be at times.  But sometimes, wanting to date and find love is easier said than done.  It can be tough to keep going when nothing seems to go your way.  And the longer you’re single, the more you begin to hate dating.

As tempting as it might be to throw in the towel and give up on your hunt for love in Los Angeles, you shouldn’t.  You can definitely get back in the dating game by getting both physically and mentally prepared.  To help you do that, our LA matchmakers here at the best dating service in Los Angeles are going to show you how to get yourself pumped up for dating.  Really, we know you got this!

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1. Start Things Slowly

You don’t have to spend all your free time going out on dates; otherwise, you’re going to get exhausted.  First of all, it will be miserable and draining.  Second of all, you need dating breaks and time for yourself.  You can accept one or two dates per week, but it all depends on your schedule and your ability to go out on dates without feeling too pressured to fit everything into your everyday life and responsibilities.

If you start dating slowly, you’re giving yourself a great chance of finding dates but also not hurting your personal life in the process.  You have to remember that dating is a long process, so it pays to take it slowly.

2. Be Calm

Sure, it would be awesome if dates started appearing out of thin air and you could fill up your whole dating calendar the very second you decided you wanted to find love.  Although that would be a dream come true, we know you don’t have those magical powers.  Unfortunately, dating doesn’t work that way.  You owe it to yourself to remain as calm as you can and avoid freaking out when things don’t go your way.

If you are just getting back into dating, it’s going to take time for you to get used to this whole new dating field, and that’s okay.  You already know freaking out about anything will not give you positive results, and it will be especially detrimental when it comes to finding love.

3. Have Trust in the Process

If you really want to improve your chances of finding love in Los Angeles and get yourself pumped up for dating, you need to have faith.  Call it whatever you want to call it.  Call it trust, optimism, or hope, as long as you call it something and believe that dating works, it will work out for you.

You can change your entire situation with your own mindset.  If you complain all the time and act like you absolutely loathe everything about dating, you’re going to fail miserably in your romantic life.  But if you change your mindset, you’ll make it better all around.  You need to have faith in what you’re doing, and you’ll soon find exactly what you’re looking for.

4. Celebrate the Small Victories

There are all types of victories that take place in our lives, even if you don’t realize it.  Again, this all has to do with being positive and believing.  Small victories are things like accepting more dates, smiling at people on a day-to-day basis, or talking to someone new each week.  Even being brave enough to introduce yourself to someone at the park is a small victory.

If you can celebrate the small victories, you’ll have a much better time dating Los Angeles and you won’t feel burnt out.  You will realize that you’re doing everything you can to find love and to turn your solo status around.  Instead of being miserable that you don’t have a partner, try believing that they’re coming to you in the near future.  You might be surprised by the change this simple thought brings to your romantic life.  Seriously, take it from us, staying positive will help you on your dating journey.

5. Turn to a Professional Matchmaker

You might have tried mobile dating apps and online dating sites, and of course they work to meet local singles, but not the right singles—not the singles you’re looking for.  But if you really want to improve your chances of finding love, we want you to take things offline and try a professional matchmaking service, like ours here at LA Singles.  You turn to a personal trainer when you want to shed a few pounds, you hire a decorator when you have no clue how to decorate your home, and you can hire a matchmaker when you are struggling to meet compatible singles.

Of course you can always go speed dating, ask your friends, family, or coworkers to set you up, and you can even go to the bars, but if nothing has worked thus far, then a professional matchmaker is the best way to go.  If you have already tried those things and nothing seems to work, then give us a call and let us help you out.  We will provide you with professional dating coaching and guidance and get you truly pumped up about dating in Los Angeles.

Join us for a FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation with our expert matchmakers here at LA Singles Dating Service today by filling out the private survey at the top of the page.  Let us bring the excitement back to your dating life!

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