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Learning how to get the power back in a relationship isn’t something that happens in a day. It takes a lot of work and effort to reestablish your power. You also need to understand that maybe power isn’t everything. Sometimes you need to choose your battles wisely, especially when it comes to love.

A good example of a time when it may be necessary to regain the power in your relationship is when your partner uses it to take advantage of you. If your partner believes they have power and control over you, it may be time to end the relationship.

However, if you aren’t ready to do so, you may just need to learn how to get your power back, and as the best matchmakers in Los Angeles, we’re here to help you with that.

Today, our LA matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service are going to show you quick and effective tips to get the power back in your relationship.

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1. Consider why power is important to you.

Yeah, before we start on this journey, let us do some soul searching, shall we? Why do you even care to get the power back? Like we said before, power isn’t everything.

However, there are specific circumstances when you need to have power – equal power. If you want to stay in a relationship and make things work, you need to have more control over the relationship. There should be an even balance of power and control in your relationship.

2. Be nice.

Listen, you can easily take back the power in your relationship while still remaining a decent person. No need to throw shade or make your partner feel inferior to you just because you are attempting to climb that power ladder straight to the top. Kill them with kindness, as they say. After all, if you are in an active romantic relationship with this person, so you do want to show them love and kindness. There is a certain finesse to regaining power in your relationship while maintaining the respect, love, and affection.

3. Confidence will lead the way.

Stand taller than you ever have before and watch as they quiver. Honestly, it’s possible that they’ve been waiting and praying for this day to come. Perhaps they hate having the power in the relationship. They’ve been waiting for the day that you stand up and take it back. It’s a lot of work being in power, so maybe they are ready to pass it on to you. Show them that you’re the confident and self-assured partner they want by their side. Stand up and show them that you’re ready to take some of the weight from their shoulders.

4. Don’t shy away from important things.

Some people shy away from important conversations that are key for the relationship. Don’t do this. Face your issues head on. If you haven’t had the marriage or children talk, make that happen. Don’t wait for it to happen to you. Bring it up on your own and show confidence while discussing these difficult topics. Your partner is going to love that you did this and maybe not even notice the power shifting in the relationship.

5. Demand respect.

You are a diamond. You deserve all the respect in the world. Unfortunately, we just don’t dish it out as often as we should. You need to demand respect in your relationship. Whether you are in control or not, you deserve to be respected by your partner. Let your partner know that you desire and deserve respect from them and that you won’t hesitate to make changes yourself if you don’t get it from them.

Power is an important part of a relationship. No one should have all the power and control, and it’s time you stand up and take control. Even making small decisions without consulting your partner all the time shows that you’re confident and able to take control. Your partner might be very relieved once you start taking control of certain situations. Believe it or not, it will relieve a lot of weight from their shoulders. Good luck on your journey of regaining respect and power from your partner.

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