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Dating in LA is exhausting.  It might actually be the most tiresome thing a woman has to do, something many women in Los Angeles absolutely dread.  You finally met an attractive guy.  He’s smart, funny, and says all the right things at the right time.  For a second, you even ponder if he could be the one.

But something goes wrong and you start to wonder if he’s the right guy for you or not.  Don’t worry, here at Los Angeles Singles, we know dating can be confusing, even for the most experienced women out there.  But don’t worry, because our high-end Los Angeles matchmakers are going to show you how to tell if a man is worthy of dating.

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1. Decipher Your Emotions

This point has a lot to do with you and not so much with him.  When you go on the first few dates, check your emotions.  Decipher how you really feel about him and the whole experience.

Before each date, how do you feel?  Do you feel nervous or anxious?  Do you think something is going to happen, or do you feel excited and content about seeing him?

Sure, everyone gets nervous during the first few dates, but you should feel positive about seeing him, not overly worried.  So check your emotions to see how you feel, because that will tell you everything you need to know.

2. Think Beyond the First Date

If you want to know if the man you’re seeing is worthy of your time, you need to look beyond the first date.  Every man can put up a show on a first date to impress the woman they’re out with, but how does he act after that?  Does he continue to be respectful and charming?  Does he care about your wants and needs?

You need to examine his behaviors beyond the first couple of dates.  Do you like him enough to keep seeing him?  Do you feel a true connection with him?  If he is worthy of a relationship, then you’re going to feel good seeing him.  If something tells you to stop, it’s because you should.

3. Compare Your Lifestyles

It’s not that you can’t date a man who loves to hit the town if you don’t like going out, but it will make things a little more difficult.  As high-end Los Angeles matchmakers with thousands of successful introductions, we know that compatibility is what makes a relationship truly successful.  If you want to find out if he’s worthy of your time, then it’s time to compare your lifestyles.

Compatibility is key, so similar lifestyles will make for an easier relationship.  Think about how each of you enjoy spending your weekends.  If you’re happy spending Saturday night at home cuddled up on the sofa with a good book, while he prefers spending his weekends at the bars with his friends, then obviously you don’t mesh.

You don’t want to date someone with an opposite lifestyle than you.  It doesn’t mean it’s impossible, but it surely will make things more difficult for you.  Sure, there are many aspects that we must compromise on when we get in a relationship, but you should never sacrifice the things you love to be with someone.

4. Don’t Believe in Love at First Sight

If you’re trying to figure out if he’s worthy of your time, the first thing you need to do is forget about love at first sight.  Believe us when we tell you that love at first sight only happens in Hollywood movies and TV shows.

Sure, you might feel something for him, but that’s just hormones and infatuation guiding you.  The feeling you have for him right now won’t last very long, unless it’s real.

5. Talk to Friends & Family to See What They Think

There were probably many times when you dated a man and thought he was the one, while your friends and family saw all along that he wasn’t.  It wasn’t until you broke things off that you realized it for yourself.

You might be infatuated with this guy right now, but guess who may not be crazy about him?  That’s right, your friends and family.  If you want to know if he’s worthy of dating, talk to them and see what they think about him.  Your friends and family will have an objective point of view and may see red flags that you can’t see yourself.

6. Does He Follow Through?

In order for a man to be worthy of dating, he must have integrity, which means he needs to do as he says.  If he promises to call you on Friday, does he call you?  If he made plans to take you out on Saturday, does he follow through with the plan?  If the man you’re seeing sticks to his word, then he is emotionally ready for a serious relationship.

7. There Is No Game Playing

If a man is worthy of your time, he will not be playing any type of dating games.  There will be no three-day rule to call you, nor will he toy with your emotions.  He will be straightforward with you and will value and respect your time.

Do you follow a certain criteria to figure out if a man is worthy of dating?  What is your list to determine if he’s worth your time and efforts?  Share your thoughts with us on the comments section below so our readers can use your help, too.

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