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It happens to everyone. You meet a man you think is attractive, intelligent, and charming and start a conversation with him. You might even agree to go out on a date with him. Yet, after getting to know him for a few weeks, you start to realize he’s not what you thought he was.

Either you found something very disturbing about him or he just gives you the wrong vibes, but pretty soon, you start wishing you never met this guy and would do whatever it takes to never see him again. The problem is, well, this creeper just doesn’t want to go away.

He always seems to be at the places you go. And it has gotten to the point you could almost lose your mind.

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How to Get Rid of That Creeper

Fortunately for you, our Santa Monica matchmakers know some secrets that you can use to get rid of that creeper the mature way. You don’t have to use any harsh words here because our method is effective. So let’s get to it and find out how you can get rid of this creeper’s unwanted attention and move on with your dating life.

1. Tell Him Politely

If you aren’t into this guy and he is obviously giving you the creeps, the best thing you can do is use honesty to your advantage. Tell him that although he’s a nice guy, he’s not for you and you see nothing developing romantically.

If he asks you why, point out the differences between the two of you, such as the fact that he enjoys different activities than you do, for example, his love for partying while you enjoy reading a good book at home. He might ask to remain friends, but don’t panic, because we got you covered for that one too. Tell him that you feel awkward continuing a friendship with him, since he obviously has romantic feelings for you.

2. Do Not Return His Calls or Messages

If this creeper continues to call you, even after you have employed our method above, then you can slowly fade away from his life.

The first thing you need to do to accomplish that is to stop returning his texts and calls. He will get the hint eventually, trust us. Although, be warned, some men are very persistent. If he’s one of these men, then you need to remain strong and never reply, regardless of what he says. If you reply, it will only give him ammunition and he’ll continue to talk to you.

3. Block Him on Social Media Sites

Besides not returning his calls or texts, you should also block him from Facebook or any type of social media you have. If you think blocking him is a little too much, then simply remove him. Keeping him on your contacts list will only give him a chance to see what you’re up, and that’s certainly not what you want. He might even think that because you have him there, it’s okay to contact you.

4. Change Your Number

Yes, it might be a huge ordeal to change your phone number, but if this creeper continues to call you, then this might be your only option. Once you get your new number, do not post it anywhere online, since this guy is obviously resourceful and might try to find it. Also, make sure you tell your friends and coworkers not to give your number out, not unless they consult with you first.

5. Act like You Have a Man in Your Life Now

Sometimes, if a creep thinks you have a boyfriend, he will back off. And this is especially true if he’s a shy or insecure guy.

You can simply start by informing him that you’re no longer single and there’s a man in your life. If he acts aggressively towards you, then you can get a friend or family member to call him and act like your boyfriend so he will leave you alone.

6. Go Out with Friends

If you feel like this creeper is causing a threat to your safety, never go out alone. Instead of walking your dog alone at the park, grabbing ice-cream by yourself, or walking alone to the gym in the evenings, get a friend or neighbor to go with you. If you drive to certain locations, try to always park close to the entrance, especially at nighttime.

Creepers tend to bother women who are alone. If he knows you live alone and do most of your errands and activities alone, then he might try to bug you, unless you have someone to help you stand up to him.

7. Inform Your Work & Coworkers

When you don’t return this creeper’s phone calls and text messages, it’s likely he will take things up a notch and contact your workplace. If you think there is a serious chance of him showing up at work, tell your boss and coworkers about him ahead of time so they can quickly call security if that day arises.

By the way, if you think this creepy guy doesn’t know where you work, don’t be so sure. Creepers are very skillful at finding out information via social media or even your LinkedIn page.

8. Call the Police

This is the last resort and should only be used if this creeper has crossed the line with you. If you call the cops on this creep, make sure you have all the proof prepared, such as him continuing to harass you after you told him to stop. Save all the messages, phone logs, and voicemails so you can use them if charges need to be pressed.

Unfortunately, situations like this happen to a lot of single women in Los Angeles, whether they met a creeper at the bar, using an online dating site, or from one of those chaotic speed dating events. Creepers are everywhere, and unfornately, many single women fall prey to them. If you are looking for quality men in Los Angeles, contact one of our Santa Monica matchmakers today and start meeting men who are far, far from creeps. Our expert matchmakers thoroughly screen and vet every member to ensure there are no surprises. Call us today to start meeting relationship-minded men who are a good fit for you—no creeps, we promise!


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