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While most single women in Los Angeles panic with each birthday that goes by, single men in Los Angeles have a completely different approach to their dating life.  Is it because they don’t have a biological clock ticking down, or is it because they love being single in the LA dating scene?  As single women receive looks of pity from friends and family, single men in Los Angeles get admired by everyone.  It’s unfair, right?  We know!

It’s an unfair double standard that men can enjoy their single status while women are supposed to find a man and settle down right away.  Although we believe this standard was set by men, we can’t help but to wonder why they love living life solo so much.  As professional matchmakers, we work with single men in Los Angeles on a daily basis—not with the ones who want to be single forever.  We exclusively work with relationship-ready men who are ready to find the real deal in love, but we know that if you’re dating on your own, you might be having troubles coming across this type of guy.

Every man that has been in a relationship knows the benefits of being in love but also knows the downsides.  Men don’t believe they’ll be able to do what they want, fearing they’ll have to revolve their life around a partner.  Whether it’s the number of times a week that he’s allowed to hang out with his friends or what he can and cannot eat or do around the house, it comes as no surprise that many men love their single status and are reluctant to give it up.

If you are one of the many single women in Los Angeles who wonders why men love being single so much, we’re going to show you all those reasons today.

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1. They love their “me” time.

When you’re single, you can spend all the time in the world doing what you want.  Although some people would think this is a lonely way to live, for some it’s actually a good thing.  Why?  Because the more time you spend alone, the more you get to know yourself.  As professional matchmakers, we know this is very important, especially when you’re in your early 30s, as it can teach you a lot about life and yourself.

Me time is very important for personal growth.  A man needs to know who he is and what he wants out of life before he can ever consider settling down in a relationship.  For this reason, being single can be beneficial for a younger man.

2. Freedom to Travel

Have you ever wanted to go explore the streets of Italy or backpack through Brazil?  A girlfriend could potentially hold you back from doing that.   Instead of exploring a new country by foot, you’re likely going to be sitting on a beach drinking exotic drinks.  Why?  Because that’s something every woman loves.

Hiking the Appalachian Trail or explore the jungles of Brazil are just a little too dangerous for most women, something a guy might love to do, which is the reason a lot of men stay single until they do the exploring they want to do in life.  To a single man, the world is his oyster and he can travel anywhere he wants whenever he wants.

3. No Need for Excuses

So what if you get home at 2 in the morning smelling like tequila?  When you’re single, there is no need to come up with an excuse or explanation for your whereabouts.  You have the freedom to decide where you go and who you hang out with, without having to justify your actions to a partner.

One of the reasons single men in Los Angeles love being single is because they have the freedom and ability to do whatever they want without being reprimanded.  No man wants to leave a guys’ night out or poker get together because his girlfriend is yelling at him over the phone.  As a single guy, you don’t have to worry about this because you’re single and can stay as late as you want.

In a place like Los Angeles, the opportunities to mingle are endless.  But don’t worry, ladies, because men eventually get tired of the crazy nights and want to settle down.  And that’s where our matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service come in and help them find the woman of their dreams—and maybe that’s you!

4. Never Having to Wait

Not having a girlfriend means not having to wait for her to get ready for a special date or even just to run errands.  Being single gives men the freedom to leave the house at a moment’s notice.  A friend wants to get together, out the door he goes.  No more sitting on the couch falling asleep while his girlfriend gets ready and spends hours doing her hair and makeup.

We all know that men want their girlfriend to look spectacular, but they don’t like waiting around.  It’s not fair, we know, but that’s just the way it goes.

5. Freedom to Flirt

Believe it or not, men love to flirt.  They do it all the time, especially here in beautiful Los Angeles.  Sometimes men flirt even when they’re in relationships just to know if they still got “it.”  “It” referring to making women melt.

When a man is in a relationship, flirting with other women is off the table because he knows hell will come down on him the minute he checks out another woman.  The problem is that men build up their mojo from flirting with other women, so that’s perhaps one of the reasons single men in Los Angeles love being single.  Being single means he can flirt with whoever he wants, whenever he wants.

These are the top five reasons single men in Los Angeles love being single.  But don’t worry, because those single days eventually come to an end.  That’s when they crave the real deal in love, a true relationship, and this is exactly where we come in and help out.  Our professional matchmaking service works with single men and women in Los Angeles who are serious about finding love in LA.

If you want to meet relationship-minded singles in Los Angeles, please fill out the survey at the top of the page to join us for a FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation today.  We’re passionate about creating truly compatible matches and are confident we can help you find your perfect partner, too!

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