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We don’t have to tell you this one because you already know that men are attracted to legs, chest, bum, and lips.  But that’s the physical things.  Maybe you heard or someone told you that men are actually attracted to other things under the surface, such as a woman’s laugh, sense of humor, and intelligence.  Well, that’s 100% true, and we’re going to tell you more about those things today.

Beyond the non-surface things we mentioned above, there are many other things LA men find attractive about single women in Los Angeles.  For example, did you know that men are attracted by the way you communicate with them?  Seriously, men love it when a woman is able to talk and knows how to listen.  So instead of thinking that LA men are all about stunning looks, you might want to use some of the following things because these are the top things LA men find attractive about single women in Los Angeles.

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1. A Softer Tone of Voice

As a woman, you’re probably drawn to men who have a deeper voice because you see them as more masculine and attractive, right?  Well, it is the complete opposite for men.  For men, they like a woman with a higher, softer tone of voice because they see them as more feminine.

If you use a softer tone of voice, you’ll be perceived as seductive and sensual rather than aggressive.  To put it bluntly, a husky tone of voice is unattractive to men.

2. Healthy Locks

Playing with your hair, flipping it from side to side, and winding your fingers through it are all things that make men fall to their knees.  Long hair something men don’t have so they find it very attractive in women.  They literally melt for a woman with long, luxurious hair with fertility and health.  We guess it all goes back to the caveman days where the woman with the longest and healthiest hair made for the most attractive and healthy mate.

This doesn’t mean that short-haired women can’t get a man, because there are definitely many men out there who melt for that look.  Either way, men are attracted to women’s hair, but it must smell amazing, look great, and be healthy.

3. Your Kindness

Believe it or not, LA men can’t get enough of kindhearted women.  We guess it’s because kind women are few and far between in LA today.  Little gestures that show your affection or interest ring big with men.  At their core, pretty much everyone desires a kindhearted and nice person.  Neither men, nor women want to be screwed in the dating scene.  Kindness is something most men find very attractive, so if you have a big heart, then you’re good to go with men.  Don’t forget to tap into your nurturing side and make him see that you’re a good person.

4. Your Beautiful Smile

It’s a proven fact that men are drawn to a woman’s smile because a smile means happiness.  Don’t forget to leave your house wearing a smile on your face, even if you’re not having a good day.  You just never know who is watching.

In order to really crank it up to the next level, make sure you have a healthy and vibrant teeth.  White teeth are a sign of good healthy and great hygiene.

5. Great Manners

Yep, when we say that men are attracted to women with good manners you might not believe us, but it’s true.  Having good manners and saying your pleases and thank yous will go a long way in attracting quality men.  It all goes back to being kindhearted and polite.  Having good manners will put you above the competition and help men realize that you’re relationship worthy.

When you act like a grownup who knows how to take care of herself, men will fall for you because it is very attractive.  So again, do not neglect your pleases and thank yous, don’t forget to do kind gestures for him once in a while, and always treat everyone with kindness and respect.  It will all certainly pay off for you in the end.

6. Your Wit & Humor

Seeing the humor in something and being able to laugh is adorable to men.  Girly giggles and bursts of laugher plays a huge part in attracting men.  When a woman laughs, she appears more open and cheerful, so make sure that you laugh when you’re out and about because it will show men that you are enjoying your life.  They say that laughter is contagious, so make sure you laugh every chance you get, or at least crack a smile here and there.

Plus, our Beverly Hills matchmakers know laughter is also good for you as it releases feel good endorphins.  So in addition to giving you a good ab workout and making your face hurt for a while, it can also attract men.

7. Your Communication Skills

We said it in the beginning of the blog, and it’s 100% true.  Men love a woman who can communicate her thoughts and feelings.  A lady who can hold her own in conversation and bring wit and humor along is very attractive to LA men because it lets them know that there is more than meets the eye, which will make him want to get to know you more.

In addition to being able to hold a good conversation, men also like a woman who is a good listener and really shows her interests through her great listening skills.  Make him feel heard and offer comments and advice here and there to really draw him in.

So there you have it, the top seven things LA men find attractive about single women in Los Angeles.  How many of these things do you see in yourself?

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