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Getting back into the LA dating scene as a single parent is daunting and frustrating. You have been out of the game for so long and are clueless how to date in today’s modern world. As the leading Encino matchmaking service, we work with thousands of single parents in Los Angeles who—just like you—are terrified of the thought of reentering the modern dating scene. Many of them are not aware of the big changes that have taken place in the Los Angeles dating scene, but we bring them up to dating speed with our one-on-one dating coaching.

Nowadays, single parents have many options at their disposal to find love in LA. From dating apps to professional matchmaking services, there is something for everyone. You need to find a man or woman who fulfills your expectations and meets your needs, all while keeping your children in mind. Today, our Encino matchmaking experts are going to show you how to date as a single parent, but first…

single parent dating in los angeles

Things You Need to Consider

The internet is flooded with dating tips for singles parents in Los Angeles. After all, you’re not the first one—nor will you be the last—single parent dating again. But before you reenter the dating scene, ask yourself if you’re really ready to date again.

Remember that dating as a single parent will undoubtedly change your life, along with the life of your little ones.

Figure Out When You’re Ready

Whether you were just divorced two months ago or the divorce was final two years ago, there is no right time to enter the dating scene as a single parent. In other words, we can’t tell you when you’re ready because only you have that answer. Whenever you feel ready to accept that you want to let someone else into your life, and into the lives your children, that’s when you know you’re ready to date.

Know It Will Be Hard

We’re not going to sugarcoat anything here, so let’s get it out of the way. Dating as a single parent is going to be difficult, much harder than when you were dating years ago without children.

How hard is dating going to be? Well, it will be difficult and a bit scary at first, but you need to muster up the courage to venture out into the dating world if you ever want to find love again. The difference now is that you not only have to look out for yourself and your best interest, but now you have to worry about your children too. You must make time for dating yet still devote time to your children.

Also, remember that many of the dates or even relationships you have will not work out, and you and your children might have to say goodbye to many candidates. Dating as a single parent is very frustrating and time-consuming, but our matchmakers know it is also very rewarding in the end.

Figure Out Your Requirements

When you venture into the dating scene, you don’t want to enter blindly. This is why it’s so important to know your requirements and what you’re looking for in a partner. What type of person do you want to date? What traits and characteristics do you desire? Do they also need to have children? Jot down all those things and go through your list every once in a while to remind yourself what you’re looking for in your next partner.

Where to Meet Other Singles Parents in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles dating scene has significantly changed since the last time you were single. Now you’re older and wiser and know what you’re looking for in a partner. So the main question is, where can you meet other single parents in Los Angeles? It probably goes without saying that you have a job, so that and your children take up most of your time, which leaves you in a time crunch to meet other like-minded singles in LA. Professional matchmaking services, like ours here at Los Angeles Singles, are ideal for single parents who don’t have time to look for and screen dates on their own. And since they’re fresh on the scene, they great benefit from our one-on-one dating coaching every step of the way.

Make Things Clear from the Beginning

As you’re meeting more people, you need to make things clear about what you’re looking for from dating. Not everyone you meet will be looking for a serious relationship, so you need to make your intentions clear so you’re not wasting your time. It might also be tempting to never mention your children in the beginning; however, you should always be upfront about your children because they are important to you. No one in the dating scene likes surprises, especially when those surprises revolve around children. If the person you’re seeing doesn’t want to continue dating you because of your children, then they aren’t the one for you.

Talk to Your Children

If you have young children, they might be a little emotional when mom or dad starts to venture out in the dating scene. They are closer to you than ever before and aren’t going to like sharing you with anyone else. You need to tell them that mom or dad is looking for someone and will never stop loving them. It is important to have a talk with them beforehand to give them the reassurance they need during this time.

Don’t Introduce Your Dates Too Soon

It might be tempting to introduce your new love interest to your children right away, but as the leading Encino matchmaking service, we advise against this. You don’t want to expose your children to a series of bad relationships and cause extra stress in their lives. You need to wait until you know things are getting serious before making that introduction.

Are you looking to make the best out of your single parent dating experience? Do you want to meet like-minded people in LA? If you would like to receive personal dating coaching and hand-selected dates with quality singles who are compatible with you, fill out the private form at the top of the page today.

Let our expert matchmakers introduce you to great dates that won’t disappoint. We have helped many singles parents in Los Angeles dive into the dating pond and find the love they deserve, and we’re confident we can help you too!

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