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No relationship is ever 100% perfect. There are bound to be times when your partner is down or when you encounters ruts without any warnings. Sometimes this happens when one partner is feeling irritated and begins bringing their negativity into the relationship, pulling both partners down.

In this situation, it can feel like your partner is sucking the life out of you. Whether this is happening because you’re going through a big change, such as living conditions, jobs, or a life changing event, you need to stay strong and get through it together.

Or if your girlfriend or wife is going through a down time, the culprit could be hormones, especially if your girlfriend is experiencing her time of the month. If this is the case, it’s best to brace yourself, because your woman could go through a roller coaster of emotions.

No one wants to have a girlfriend who feels down, but at the same time, it’s a tricky situation. Sometimes people just go through rough times, well, just because. You don’t want to become her therapist, but you do want to help her out. Read on as our elite matchmakers in Los Angeles teach you how you can cheer your girlfriend up.

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Tips to Cheer Your Woman Up

Luckily for you, our elite matchmakers in Los Angeles have been in the dating industry for over twenty-five years and know exactly what tips you’re going to need to cheer your woman up and bring life back to your relationship.

1. Get Her Small Surprises

At first sight, a small surprise might not seem like a big deal; however, when your girlfriend is feeling down, it can go a long way in making her feel better. A surprise lets her know you’re thinking about her and that you care enough to buy her a gift in attempts to brighten her day. This is sure to make her feel good and boost her self-esteem.

Some examples include: chocolates or candies, a bouquet of roses, or a small teddy bear. Anything you know your girlfriend likes, go ahead and get it.

2. Take Her Out on a Date

Taking your girlfriend to a romantic restaurant can make her feel very special. Maybe all she needs to cheer her up is some great dining with her favorite man. That’s right, some quality food and a few drinks might be all it takes. Most women love an excuse to get dressed and have a reason to look good, so this will surely cheer her up.

3. Let Her Vent to You

This might open a can of worms for you, but it can surely relieve her frustrations. She might have a lot of pent up anger that needs to be let out. You don’t have to step in as her psychiatrist, but definitely lend her an ear. Let her know that you’re willing to listen without passing judgement.

4. Watch a Romantic Comedies with Her

It might be difficult for you, but romantic comedies are a woman’s favorite movie to watch. They have a way of making a woman feel better. If you can, try to set time aside to watch a good chick flick with her. Not only will this allow you to bond with her, but it will also cheer her up in no time. It’s a double whammy.

5. Cuddle Her

You already know women love to cuddle, but when they feel down, elite matchmakers in Los Angeles know it’s when they love it the most. Hugs, after all, are the best medicine, and now is the time you should give her all the attention she deserves. Lay in bed and cuddle while watching TV and you’ll notice your woman will spring back in no time.

6. Do Things You Don’t Usually Do

What’s the one thing your girlfriend has always wanted you to do but you never got around to doing? It could be as simple as pulling some weeds in the front yard, taking her shopping at her favorite store, or going hiking on her favorite trail. Going out to do one of her favorite activities shows her you care for her and want to spend quality time doing the things she loves. Our elite matchmakers in Los Angeles know this is surely going to put a big smile on her face.

7. Do Things to Make Her Laugh

Over the course of your relationship, you have learned a few things that give your girlfriend have a good chuckle. It could be dancing around the house, sharing the funny story of how you fell off the stage in high school, or doing that funny impression you do of your best friend, but whatever it is, it’s time to break out those hidden little gems.

Pulling out those things that make her giggle is sure to cheer her up. Once you get her laughing, there is no going back from there.

8. Show Her Your Affection

If you can hold her hand or kiss her, do it because it will undoubtedly help cheer her up. Physical affection is always a surefire way to lift someone up.

9. Prepare Her Favorite Meal

Spending some time in the kitchen might be all it takes to cheer your girlfriend up. It might not seem like much, but this shows her you care a lot. Also, if you are skillful in the kitchen, a well-prepared meal will help her feel nourished and replenished.

If your girlfriend has been in a bad mood for a while, our elite matchmakers in Los Angeles know it can surely affect your relationship. After all, when men enter a relationship, they’re not looking for a Debbie Downer. Getting through bad times takes efforts, but if you love your girlfriend, you should be able to cheer her up and get past it.

Though cheering up a sulking girlfriend might not seem like a big deal, being able to help her get through this emotional rut can be the difference in you and other men she has dated.

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