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Not all men are created equally. Every man behaves differently when in a relationship. It can often be hard to figure out certain characteristics, but expert matchmakers from the leading dating service in Los Angeles know that family men tend to be some of the best men for a long term and committed relationship. Today, professional matchmakers from Los Angeles Singles Dating Service will review some of the benefits of being in a relationship with a family-oriented man.

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1. When Things Get Bad He Won’t Leave

A man who is very close to his family understands the meaning of commitment. If you are facing a hardship in your relationship, he’s not going to call it quits and leave you. He understands that relationships aren’t always fun but that he needs to be strong in order to keep the relationship alive. He knows how to compromise and understands the bigger picture.

2. He Is Supportive of You & the Things You Love, Even If He Doesn’t Like Them

Being close to his family means having to attend many soccer games, get weekend togethers, dance rehearsals, graduations, and weddings that he might not always feel like going to, but since he is a family man, he knows the importance of supporting the people he cares about. Expert matchmakers from the leading dating service in Los Angeles know this is something wonderful a family man brings to the table, something you will value and appreciate in the long run.

3. His Mother Taught Him Well

Respect is something that needs to be learned. A man who loves, respects, and listens to his mother will treat other women in his life the same way. He will bring those positive traits to the relationship with you.

4. He Loves Spending Time with Your Family

Two family people make a great match. If you enjoy spending time with your family rather than partying on the weekends, it’s nice to be with someone who also enjoys the same things. He will take you to family get togethers, BBQs, and parties to spend quality time with the people who matter most, much more than you can say about those bad boys who would rather party on weekends.

5. He’s Great with Children

Not everyone loves children, and that’s understandable, but if you like the idea of having children in the future, it is idea to date a man who enjoys being around kids. Being great with children means he has patience, creativity, kindness, and understands the way to a child’s heart. It’s great to have a kind and caring man like that for a long term partner, especially if marriage and a family are in your future.

6. He Sticks to His Word

Families place a lot of importance on sticking to your word. If you say that you’ll be at your sister’s soccer game, you are sure to be there. If you say you’ll come home for Christmas, you follow through. A family man never makes a promise he cannot keep and this will hold true in your relationship as well.

7. You Gain a Second Family

There is nothing better than creating a strong bond with someone’s family. Family love is unique, and if you are lucky enough to experience it from your partner’s family, then that is a gift unlike any other. He will want to welcome you into his family and include you in all aspects of his life.

8. He Appreciates You & the Relationship

Loving your family means appreciating them and knowing the value of the relationships you have. It is easy for him to value other people and what they bring to his life. He understands the effects of human relationships and values all his friendships and relationships.

9. He Is Confident

A family man who loves you will make you feel special for who you are. If a man is close with his family, he was most likely raised with a high level of self-worth and confidence. His confidence will reflect positively in your relationship.

10. He Will Trust You

Abandonment and betrayal are two scenarios that often stem from family. Prior relationship infidelities can ruin a man’s ability to trust a woman. Men who have had a good family life are most often able to trust other people. This type of man understands the bigger picture of the relationship and will trust you as well.

11. He Knows How to Have Fun

Being around his family members over the years has put him in many funny situations. Guys that come from strong family backgrounds know how to have a good laugh, as well as make others laugh. This type of man can be happy doing anything, from playing board games on a Saturday night to attending funny comedy shows.

12. He Is Good at Communication

Families talk, and they talk a lot. Communication is one of the strongest qualities of a family-oriented. A man who comes from an environment where everyone voices their opinion will know how to properly communicate with you. He knows how to share his feelings, and that will come in handy in a relationship.

13. He Knows How to Be a Good Friend

Relationships don’t always consist of fun and games. Often times, the entire foundation of a relationship is a good friendship, which is also the same foundation of a good family. Friendship is about listening, laughing, and making the best of the time you have together. Friends and family improvise and have fun doing even the simplest tasks.

14. He Knows How to Love

Love is something you learn to express from family. A man who loves his family was loved by his family and will one day create a family of his own. He knows how to make time for friends and appreciates people who show kindness to him. He knows when to apologize and knows how to have a good time. This type of man respects his elders and never belittles those who are younger than him. He gets flowers for his mom on special occasions and surprises his dad. He knows how to be polite and kind to everyone, which will all come out with you in your relationship.

A family man is the best type of man to be in a long term relationship with.

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