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Social stigma has made us believe that women are the only ones who are needy. But from our nearly 30 years of experience in the California dating and matchmaking industry, we know that both sexes can be needy. What if the man you’re dating is a little too mushy and sentimental? What if he’s needy to the point that it’s annoying? Well, it can happen, and it happens to many women in Los Angeles.

Do you think the man you’re dating falls into this category? Insecurity is the real reason men become needy. They are afraid their woman will be seduced by someone else. And then there are certain personality types that are a little needier than others. Today, our Los Angeles matchmakers will show you the signs the man you’re dating is too needy for a healthy relationship.

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1. He gets upset often.

Okay, so you did not reply to his text on your lunch and he gave you an earful. He expects you to pamper him and send sweet nothings all the time, and when you don’t, he gets angry. This is a surefire sign the man you’re dating is a little too needy. Although you might have seen this as a sweet gesture in the beginning, after a while it became annoying—highly annoying. If you’re dating a man who needs to be in constant communication with you, and he gets angry if you don’t answer him right away and pamper him, then you have a needy man, a man who is not a good candidate for a relationship.

2. You can’t see anyone else.

So you want to go out with your girls from work this Friday night… Forget it, he doesn’t want you to. And if you still want to go, he wants to tag along. It’s like you can’t go anywhere without him hanging by your side. And if you don’t want him to come along with you, then he gets angry… Go back to the bullet point above.

On the other hand, if he’s okay with you going out, he calls you every second you’re gone to see what you’re up to. Now, we know this is very annoying… and it’s not healthy either.

3. He’s always calling you.

At first you thought it was cute that he called you every hour on the hour. However, after six months of dating, you’re realizing it’s a little weird. He keeps calling you and texting you throughout the day and it feels more like he’s checking up on you, which he is. Not only does he get mad if you don’t answer, but he insists you talk to him, even when you’re busy. He expects everything to revolve around him and doesn’t allow you to have “me” time.

4. He wants to see you a lot.

So you had a busy week at work and the last thing you want to do is get ready and hit the town. You just want to spend Friday night at home alone, relaxing in your PJs and vegging out. But not so fast, because Mr. Needy wants to come see you and won’t take no for an answer.

He wants to be with you no matter what you want. In his mind, he is spending QT with you. A needy man doesn’t understand the notion of needing alone time. He feels like you’re neglecting him because you want a night to yourself. Needy people have a hard time understanding that everyone needs space, and this is the reason nobody wants to date them.

5. He’s spying on you.

If a man is playing detective with you, checking your whereabouts, stalking you on social media, and trying to find out where you’re at 24/7, he’s a needy man. Did he know where you were even though you didn’t tell him? Did he know that you were at happy hour with your girls, even though you did not mention it? Well, this is downright creepy.

6. He’s moving the relationship too fast.

Since the very first date, it feels like he’s been trying to rush the relationship with you. He already made plans for the future, including the names of your future pets and children too. He has envisioned the future and everything about it. Although it might have been cute in the beginning, now that you know he’s serious, it’s not so cute anymore. Be wary of a man who moves the relationship along too fast. This is a major dating red flag our Los Angeles matchmakers want you to watch out for in the LA dating scene.

7. He gives you lavish gifts.

It’s okay to bring a flower on a first date; after all, what woman wouldn’t like that? Not him though, he brought you a bouquet of three dozen roses and a very expensive bottle of champagne. Ladies, keep an eye for needy men and their expensive gifts—red flags should be going up in your head.

8. Too much sweet talking all the time.

This man sounds like Romeo. He tells you everything you want to hear, 24/7. He calls you and tells you he loves you—over and over again. He texts you sweet nothings all throughout the day. All this lovey dovey stuff was nice, but he’s going overboard with it. It comes off as fake and is starting to get on your nerves. Ladies, our Los Angeles matchmakers want you to keep an eye for needy men who are desperate, because they’ll say anything to rope you in.

Ladies, have you ever dated a needy man? Did you notice signs, other than the ones our Los Angeles matchmakers gave you above? Share your thoughts with our readers on our Facebook page.

Are you sick and tired of dating needy men in Los Angeles? Let our dating and matchmaking experts introduce you to quality single men who are ready for a healthy relationship.

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