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Movies and TV shows have given men a few misconceptions about single women in Los Angeles.  Thanks to Hollywood, many men believe that women in LA are only into fun in the sun on the beach and glitz and glam.  But the truth is, not every woman is into surfing or even goes to the beach often.  Our Los Angeles upscale matchmakers never want you to stereotype women.

Here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service, we work with women of all different lifestyles and personalities.  We have high caliber clients from all walks of life.  Sure, many women enjoy going to the beach, but that’s not what occupies all their time.  Our clients are successful, attractive, intelligent, and down to earth.  They play sports, partake in hobbies and interests, and even volunteer, so don’t make the mistake of thinking California women are only into shopping and the beach.

Women in LA are very well-rounded, modern, and ambitious.  Today, our Los Angeles upscale matchmakers are going to show you the right way to impress and date modern single women in Los Angeles.  These insightful tips from our dating experts will help you seal the deal and find the woman of your dreams.

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Don’t Stereotype

First and foremost, you should never stereotype single women in Los Angeles.  The love of your life is closer than you think, but you have to have the right mindset if you want to find her.  You might think you want the hot blond who lives minutes away from the beach and loves to play volleyball, but if you want to find true love, you’re going to have to date outside that little box.  Not all great women are going to have blond hair.  There are many beautiful brunettes and redheads in this city who make for great partners.  That beautiful brunette or fiery redhead with tons of hobbies and interests and a passion for her career might be the ideal woman for you.  Your perfect match might have already signed up with our upscale matchmaking services and is waiting for you to do the same.

Plan Great Dates

If you really want to impress modern single women in Los Angeles, then you need to take advantage of the great weather and plan fun outdoor dates.  Los Angeles is known for being one of the sunniest states, so why not take advantage of that and incorporate the great outdoors into your dates?  Of course she likes going to fancy LA restaurants, but she’s probably done this hundreds of times.  Do something unique and special and take it to the outdoors.

Spend the day near the ocean, go for a walk in the park, get sun kissed as you hike the hills and build your glow.  Do something out of the ordinary and show her a great time.  Our professional matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles want you to do something unconventional, something fun, something that she will remember.  You can book a horseback ride on the beach, go on a winetasting tour, or have a picnic in the park.  Take her to the beach and bring a bottle of champagne along.  Plan something that will shake up the usual dating routine and leave a long-lasting impression of you.

Think Healthy Dates

If there is one thing about modern single women in Los Angeles, it’s that they’re known for being healthy.  Los Angeles is a healthy culture in general.  People here love taking care of themselves and leading a healthy life.  If you want to impress a modern woman, then you’re going to have to use healthy date ideas to your advantage.  Think fruits and veggies and implement them into your picnic.  You can also go to healthy restaurants and do fun physical activities.  But if you really want to win the heart of a modern woman, then consider cooking a meal from scratch to show off your culinary skills.  Make it special by serving it to her over a flickering candlelit table.  Believe us, this will leave an impression she’ll never forget.

Don’t Use Your Status to Impress Her

Here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service, we work to help high-power singles and work hard to help them find love.  But we don’t use their status to do it, and neither should you.  You shouldn’t go around telling women what celebrities you know, how much money you make, or rattling off all your accomplishments.

Yes, Los Angeles is known for status and high achieving people, but if you want to make a connection with a woman, you need to be genuine with your intentions and never use your status to win her over.  It doesn’t matter if you are the CEO of a big company, a doctor, a lawyer, or a celebrity, women are not impressed by things like that.  Women want a man who is sincere, respectful, honest, and real.  They are looking for the real deal, a true connection, not a man who flaunts his status.

Want our advice?  Be true to yourself and who you are.  If you need our help, our professional matchmakers can arrange dates for you with some of the most beautiful single women in Los Angeles.  You can have fun meeting new people in a private and secure way.  Our professional matchmaking services are your best resource for dating in LA, Encino, and the surrounding areas.  We help our California clientele meeting like-minded people who are looking for the same thing in life.  Our unique LA culture is something we need to celebrate, and let’s face it, this beautiful city gives us many date ideas we can utilize.  If you are ready to meet modern single women in Los Angeles—women who are smart, beautiful, funny, and ready for a relationship—then let us introduce you to the woman of your dreams.  Come on now, there is no point in living in such a beautiful place like LA if you’re going to do it alone.  Wouldn’t you agree?

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