Biggest Dating Mistakes Millennial Singles in Los Angeles Make

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When it comes to dating in Los Angeles, people of all ages are known for making mistakes. But here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service, we know the younger generation seems to be making the biggest mistakes. Could it be because they don’t have experience? Could it be caused by certain influences?

While some of these mistakes might be looked in a negative way, it can also be looked at as a growing and learning experience. After all, you have to fall a few times before you learn how to walk.

Here are the biggest dating mistakes millennial singles in Los Angeles make on the search for love.

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1. Moving Too Fast

Much of the younger generation feels as though they must jump into a relationship with the first person who comes their way. This is a big mistake. Many millennial singles in Los Angeles feel pressured to get serious and tend to jump into relationships without thinking things through. They don’t understand the concept of testing the waters by dating different people and going on several dates before getting serious with one person.

2. Relying on Mobile Dating Apps

Tinder and other popular dating apps are used a lot by the younger generation. While most rely on these well-known dating apps to hookup, others use them to find the real deal. But here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service, we know firsthand that mobile dating apps aren’t cut out for those looking for real love. Singles in their 30s and 40s need to start going on real dates with real people and stop relying on their phones to find romance.

3. Using Too Much Social Media

Social media is great to stay in contact with friends and family, but many millennial singles in Los Angeles make the mistake of bragging on social media as soon as they hit it off with someone. While having chemistry and clicking with someone is great, you don’t want to overwhelm the new person you’re dating. You don’t have to take it to social media right away. Hit the brakes, date them for a while, and see where things go. Your relationship doesn’t have to be Facebook official for it to be real, nor do you need validation from your friends.

4. Excessive Texting

Many singles make the mistake of texting too much when they get involved with someone new. They don’t understand that constant texting is unhealthy and can potentially push a new partner away. Don’t bombard your partner with text messages; after all, you don’t want to come off as desperate or make them get bored of you.

5. Taking Jealousy to Another Level

For some reason or another, millennial singles in Los Angeles have a hard time trusting new partners. Many times they even go as far as snooping in their partner’s cell phone or preventing their partner from associating with members of the opposite sex. Don’t fall victim to jealousy and let it destroy your relationship. It’s time to start developing trust in your partner.

6. Hooking Up Too Soon

Millennials were the ones responsible for creating the hookup culture, and many are not proud of it. While no one can tell you how to live your life, you shouldn’t hook up with the first person who comes your way. This is one of the biggest mistakes millennial singles in Los Angeles make on the search for love.

7. Having High Expectations for Love

There are many movies and TV shows that tell us how relationships ought to be. But here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service, we warn you not to fall victim to these unrealistic beliefs. The movies give many people, particularly women, false hope of what a relationship should be. Many daters don’t realize that life isn’t like the movies and that they shouldn’t expect a fairy-tale romance like the last rom-com they watched. Dating in Los Angeles is much different in the real world than it is in Hollywood. Having too high of expectations will sabotage your chances of finding love.

8. Settling with the First Partner

This one goes side by side with moving too fast. Millennials singles in Los Angeles feel the need to find someone right away, fearing they’re be single forever. What many don’t understand is that in their 30s, it’s the perfect time to work on themselves and become well-rounded in all aspects of life. Don’t feel like you have to settle because you’re afraid of being alone. This is especially true for those who are the last singles standing in their circle of friends.

9. Playing Dating Games

When it comes to finding love, millennials are known for playing too many dating games. They are the type that have a hard time being straight-up and honest. They like to beat around the bush and test and play with the person they’re dating. Even in serious relationships, some millennials continue to play these childish games because they’ve never been in a mature and successful relationship.

10. Forgiving Too Quickly

When many millennials get involved in relationships, they make the mistake of forgiving too fast. Maybe it’s because of the fear of ending up alone or their inexperience in relationships. They are the first ones to forgive a cheater or to overlook bad habits. Don’t ignore a problem in your relationship and never turn a blind eye to red flags. If something is unhealthy, you have to end it now.

11. Breaking Up in Disrespectful Ways

Millennials created the hookup culture, along with ghosting. Ghosting is a very disrespectful way to break up with someone. Disappearing from someone’s life with no warning or reason is taking the easy way out, whether it’s ghosting or breaking up via text message instead of face-to-face. For some reason, face-to-face breakups scare men and women too much, causing them to avoid them like the plague. Many millennials don’t understand how to respectfully break up with someone in the modern dating world.

Millennials singles in Los Angeles make many mistakes in dating, but that’s all part of learning and growing. If you are ready to maximize your dating experience as a millennial, contact our Los Angeles matchmakers and start meeting like-minded singles today. Simply fill out the private survey at the top of the page to start meeting quality singles in LA today!

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