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Do you plan on going out this weekend and hopefully running into the woman of your dreams? Well, think again. Today, our Beverly Hills matchmaking experts here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service will show you the type of women you’ll meet at bars and clubs.

When it comes to meeting women at clubs and bars, we can almost guarantee that you’ll never meet your next wife. There’s always a chance that you might find a rare catch while getting a few drinks, but the truth is, good women are not out at the bars getting drunks and rowdy.

When men hit the clubs and bars, they go out to have a good time, to chat it up, to release steam, and maybe find a booty for the end of the night. Some men might find a woman they like, others will find one to have a good time with, and the unlucky ones usually find themselves hunched over at the table or with a woman who is less than attractive at the end of the night.

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The Women You’ll Meet When Out for Drinks

As we mentioned before, even though it’s not impossible, you most likely won’t meet the woman of your dreams. If you still believe us and want to head out again this week, check out this list of the top characters you can expect to meet when hitting the downtown bars and clubs. Beware!

1. The Drunk

This one is at the top of the list. Why? Well, because it’s the most common creature. While not everyone at a bar is out to binge drink, you can spot this creature from a mile away. The rookie may sit and sip girly drinks with hours going by before asking for a new one. On the other hand, the veteran drinker is at the front and center slamming shots and pounding beers just like a man. This girl will be loud and obnoxious, seeking all the attention, and of course flirting with every man who looks her way. Everyone in the place knows this one is intoxicated.

2. The Desperate One

The desperate woman is a regular at the bar. She could be looking for a real partner or just looking for attention. Either way, she’s looking for a man and will do whatever it takes to get one. And while you might think this is a good score for you, this type of woman can go from a quick one night stand to a serious stalker. The desperate woman will go to extreme lengths to avoid being rejected so tread with caution.

3. Mrs. Cougar

This woman has hit the bars and clubs looking for fresh meat—she’s out on the prowl tonight! The cougar is not looking for a sugar daddy. She wants a young man to prove to her that she still has the moves. Either she is divorced or an independent older lady who is in charge and doesn’t want to be tied down. You can spot a cougar from a mile away. If she is buying you drinks, you can be sure you are already on her radar.

4. The Baby

The baby is usually a younger woman under forty. She knows how to dress and has the looks like she just walked off a runway. She is looking for a wealthy man and will never look at you twice if you’re someone under forty. She will keep an eye at the door, watching men coming in. She will only be interested in a business suit. Save yourself the rejection from this type of woman, because if you don’t pull up in a luxury vehicle, you’re not going to mean a thing.

5. The Promiscuous Woman

We don’t really have to explain this woman since the name says it all, but this woman is similar to the desperado. A promiscuous woman is not looking for love, all she wants is lust. She is usually dressed in revealing clothing so she can catch your eye. She is the type who will have a one night stand with you and be gone in the morning. Our Beverly Hill matchmaking experts know that if you are looking for a serious relationship, you need to stay clear of this one.

6. The Tease

The tease type can look like any woman, but she is only there to have fun. And her idea of fun is playing games with you. This woman will reel you in and lead you to believe that things are going somewhere, then she’ll lose her interest in you. You will buy her drinks all night, get her food, and even give her cab fare in hopes of getting something… But what do you get at the end of the night? A good night kiss? A phone number? Nope, you can’t even get a business card. . She quickly disappears at the end of the night, and if she did give you her number, rest assured it’s the wrong one. She played you well, and you feel like an idiot.

7. The Bachelorettes

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, those loud and drunk women wearing tiaras and pink rainbows are not there to pick up men. They are there to get inebriated because they are celebrating a bachelorette party. They are out on the town to get crazy, and by crazy, we mean to the point they don’t remember a thing. Most of these women are already taken and not interested in anything but having a good time, so our Beverly Hills matchmaking experts advise you to save your efforts.

8. The Groups

This is a group of girls; some come in pairs and other groups are bigger. They come into the club looking for prospects that could fit their dating criteria. With all the men in the bar all fighting for their attention, these women couldn’t get any more obvious. Some of these women might have just come out of a relationship and are hitting the bar scene for a rebound. Stay away from this type of woman if you’re looking for a happy and healthy relationship, one without a lot of baggage.

9. The Married Woman

The married woman will be at the bar wearing her wedding ring but still hopes to have men check her out and buy her drinks. She’ll tell you that her marriage is boring and they’re outgrowing each other in hopes of reeling you in. It’s best to leave this woman alone because our Beverly Hills matchmaking experts know nothing good can come out of this.

10. The Party Monster

The party monster cannot be tamed. She’s young, she’s having a good time, and that’s all that matters to her. She could care less about how many men are at the bar. All she cares about is having a good time. She is not out looking for love, she just never wants the party to end.

These are the different types of women our Beverly Hills matchmaking experts know you will encounter at the bar. From crazy drunks to stalkers, the bars and clubs have it all. If you’re ready to find serious women who want a committed relationship, contact one of our professional matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service today and leave the bars and clubs in the past.

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