6 Reasons to Take a Small Break from Dating in Los Angeles

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Dating in Los Angeles can be frustrating and exhausting, to say the least. Even though you’re single, you want to continue living your life to the fullest. Just because you’re actively dating doesn’t mean you want to ignore your friends and family, stop watching your favorite TV shows, and say goodbye to yoga and the gym. Well, you could, but that would make your life boring and unsatisfying, which would make you hate dating.

You’ve probably heard of the term “dating hiatus,” which has become very popular today. Taking a small dating break can be a tricky thing, and you might not even be totally on board with this idea. After all, how can you find love in Los Angeles if you’re going to stop dating?

But hear us out. As LA’s #1 matchmaking service, we’re all about helping you and other serious singles in LA find love. But if dating has gotten too overwhelming, then a small dating break can reframe your thinking and give you a fresh start. So get ready as our LA matchmakers give you the undeniable reasons it’s okay to do enforce a little dating detox when you need it.

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1. Your brain gets a vacation.

Seriously, this is the best reason to take a small break from dating. This small vacation from swiping left and right and chatting with strangers online means no more worrying about online correspondence, first date anxiety, or what you’re going to wear.

It’s like going on a vacation without really going on a vacation. Your brain totally deserves a vacation after all your hard work on the search for love. We know you’re going at it strong, so you deserve a little break. Even professional athletes, actors, and musicians take small breaks to rejuvenate and reenergize, so don’t feel bad.

2. You can pinpoint what you want in a partner.

See, we told you a dating break was going to be good. Why? Because it will allow you to think about what type of partner you want in your life. You’ve probably gone on too many first dates, which could be the reason why you’re ready for a small break. But listen to this: those first dates can actually teach you great things, like what you want and don’t want in a partner.

Taking a small dating break will allow you figure out what you want and put you one step closer to finding it.

3. The pressure comes off.

If you’re dating in Los Angeles, you already know there’s a lot of pressure to find love. You could be the coolest and calmest person in the world, yet after so many bad dates, you start to lose your cool easily. This is because dating certainly puts a lot of pressure on you. As LA’s best matchmakers, we encourage you to take a small dating break to relax and focus on things other than dating.

If you think this is going to make you feel guilty for being unproductive on the search for love, let go of the guilt right away. You really need a break to relax your mind. Your dream partner is out there and you’ll find them regardless of taking a small break. Your mental health deserves a break, so remember that.

4. Your friends are also taking breaks.

When you take a small dating break and tell your friends about it, you’ll be surprised to hear that a few of them are also taking breaks. In fact, it’s probably how they’ve been doing it all along. Everyone can relate to you because everyone needs a timeout from time to time.

There is nothing wrong with taking a small break to detox from the stresses of dating in Los Angeles. Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you’re not going to find love overnight.

5. Dating in Los Angeles can be downright exhausting.

You might not realize how much your dating life tires the life out of you. You try not to worry about being single, but it gets to you sometimes. That stress can quickly take a toll on you and bring you down.

Taking a small dating break will allow you to relax and work on yourself. As LA’s best matchmakers, we know that singles get dating burnout pretty quickly because dating in Los Angeles is like taking on a part-time job—on top of your current 60+ hour a week job. So, yeah, you deserve a little break.

6. Dating will be fun when you return.

Perhaps the most important reason to take a dating break is because once you return to dating, it will be fun. If dating has started to feel like a part-time job, then you definitely need a dating detox is calling your name.

When you take a dating break, something weird and funny will start to happen: you’ll actually want to start dating again. Yes, you really will. You’ll think of dating as fun again, and you’re going to be excited about going on dates.

See, we told you it’s totally worth it to take a small dating break. It allows you to clear your head, figure out what you want in a partner, relax your brain, and get you excited about dating again.

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