6 Reasons Single Women in Los Angeles Date Younger Men

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It’s no secret that older men date young beautiful women. Right here in Hollywood, this stereotype has been exploding for years—both onscreen and off-screen. One thing you might not know is that older single women in Los Angeles are now pursuing younger men. There are many reasons why older women are starting to date younger men. And as you will see, most of those reasons go back to a woman’s own love and joy.

The cougar stereotype is out the window. Relationships between older women and younger men are healthy and happy too. If you’re curious as to why older single women in Los Angeles are choosing younger men in the LA dating scene, the mystery is over. Our LA matchmakers will reveal the top reasons why older women are choosing younger men.

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1. They want to be happy.

Women who are least five or ten years older than their partner tend to be happier in the relationship. Many people think it’s because older women who date younger men experience more equality. Older women want to be happy and are finding this happiness when they date younger men. Women are realizing they’re entitled to the same happiness their male counterparts have been experiencing for decades.

2. They love the thrill of it.

Many older women experience a sense of rejuvenation when they date a man ten years younger. Maybe it’s his robust charm or the novelty of dating someone younger, but the thrill that comes from dating a younger man keeps the honeymoon stage alive longer. This excitement makes older women pursue younger men.

3. They feel appreciated.

The secret is out: older women are feeling appreciated when they date younger men. They can share their wisdom and experiences without being patronized. This is by far one of the top reasons older women in Los Angeles prefer younger men. Older women feel valued because younger men listen attentively to what they have to say. They ask questions and women give the answers.

4. It’s easy for older women to meet younger men.

One of the most difficult things for a woman who is interested in dating someone younger is meeting them without being awkward. It isn’t always easy to tell if a younger guy will be interested or not. But thanks to many dating channels, such as matchmaking services like ours, it is extremely easy for older women to meet younger men who share the same dating expectations.

5. They’re looking for commitment.

Much research shows that a relationship between an older woman and a younger man can last the test of time. Younger men are looking for a mature woman who knows how to be in a relationship, and that’s where older women come into the picture. Men admit that many younger women aren’t looking for something serious, especially in a place like Los Angeles. This is why this type of relationship works perfectly.

6. They love spontaneity.

Younger men know how to be spontaneous. Maybe it’s because they have less responsibilities than older men. Maybe it’s because they’re just starting out in their careers and their schedules aren’t jam packed. More freedom equals more spontaneity, something that older women love. They’re tired of mundane schedules that they’ve grown accustomed to. They want a man who can go out and explore the world with them. A last-minute weekend winetasting trip or a hiking adventure is something older women want, something younger men are happy to provide it. Few things are more romantic than dropping everything for a quality weekend alone.

All women have their own reasons for dating younger men, but these are the most commons ones. The result is a growing trend of successful women dating men five or ten years younger than them. We see it every day here in the LA dating scene.

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