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It’s been said that when a partner cheats you just know. It’s just something you can’t put your finger on but you know deep inside.

You try to confront them about it, but they dance around the subject. You might even feel paranoid about it… Ever been there?

Are you convinced that your boyfriend or husband is cheating on you but just don’t have the proof you need? Of course women sometimes go overboard with their paranoia, especially if they’re clingy or insecure, but what if your instincts are actually right?

The fact that you’re starting to doubt your partner is a sign that something is wrong. Today, our Los Angeles exclusive matchmakers will show you how to catch your partner red handed and get the peace of mind you need instead of letting him continue hurting you.

Confronting a cheater never solves anything because no matter what you do, they’re not going to give you a straight answer. So instead of confronting them, take things into your own hands and look for the following signs from our Los Angeles exclusive matchmakers.

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1. Watch for the Signs

Have you noticed a change in your partner’s behavior lately? Have they started working out more? Dressing better? Did they splurge on a new cologne? These changes might be because they’re cheating on you and trying to impress the new person in their life.

2. Drop by Unannounced

Every now and then, try to drop by unannounced. Visit them at work or come home early, but don’t make it obvious that you’re trying to catch them doing something wrong. Don’t make it obvious that you’re spying on them; instead, have a valid reason for it. If your partner is cheating on you, they will not welcome you with a smile. Instead, they will have a shocked and surprised look on their face.

3. Check the Recycle Bin

The recycle bin is a great place for you to search for some clues—the recycle bin on their computer, that is. You want to look for clues that your partner is cheating on you and chances are there might be a picture or two in the recycle bin or even a document that verifies your worst fears.

4. Check Your Phone

Does your partner carry their phone everywhere they go? … Even if it’s just to go to the bathroom? If your partner now has password protection and walks away every time their phone rings, then your suspicions might be right. Take a quick peek into his phone whenever you get a chance. Erased phone logs, password protection, or calls from unknown numbers are your answer.

5. Have Spontaneous Sex

If your boyfriend or husband comes home late, or from somewhere they can’t give you a valid answer to, then try having spontaneous sex with him and see what happens. If he gets angry, pushes you away, or gives you an excuse for why he doesn’t want to have sex, then he could definitely be cheating on you.

6. Take Notice to His Sleeping Habits

If your partner is cheating on you, then his sleeping habits will certainly change. He might stay up longer than usual and use the excuse that he’s doing a project for work. You might even catch him up walking around the house late at night with no real explanation. Act like you have fallen asleep and see what he does. Does he get up and go to the living room for a long time? Does he lock himself in the bathroom for a while? Is he glued to his phone or laptop?

Don’t just think about nighttime, because cheating partners also use the morning hours to their advantage. Does he get up extra early and grab his phone and go to the other room? Does he head for the computer the first second he gets up? If so, this could also mean he’s cheating on you.

7. Does He Want Space?

Space is something everyone needs in a relationship, whether we like it or not. But has he started to get protective about his time and space? Does he hate answering questions about his whereabouts? Our Los Angeles exclusive matchmakers know these are warning signs he’s cheating, especially if he has never been private like this in the past.

8. Does He Get Jumpy?

Try walking in on your partner when he’s not expecting you to come in; do it when he’s been in a room alone for a while and see how he behaves. Does he get mad? Does he get nervous? Does he quickly close his computer? If so, then he’s up to no good.

9. Schedule Changes

All the sudden your partner tells you he has to stay longer at work or meet friends for social gatherings. If your partner is suddenly working extra late all the time, when he never has in the past, or he doesn’t invite you to get togethers anymore, then there is a chance he’s cheating on you. Keep a close eye on this.

10. How Does He Talk on the Phone?

Does your partner suddenly need a lot of space when he receives phone calls? Take notice to the way he sounds when he picks up his phone. Does he sound awkward and unsure how to answer? Does he quickly walk to the next room?

Look for text messages too. And be aware that if he’s cheating, he may be storing his lover’s number under someone else’s name… “Michael” might actually be Michelle, so try to read between the lines.

11. Examine His Gadgets

Is his computer all the sudden password protected? Is his tablet hidden under lock and key? When you ask him for his passwords, does he tell you he can’t give them to you? Does he make it a point not to get on his gadgets around you? If so, these are all things that indicate he’s cheating on you.

12. Grooming Habits

If he tells you he’s “hitting the gym” and walking out the door wearing fresh clothes and cologne, that’s a sign he’s up to something. Is he going overboard with his appearance lately? Is he visiting the hair salon weekly? Has he purchased new underwear? Does he look and smell like he’s going to a red carpet event when he tells you he’s only going to the grocery store? Those are all warning signs he’s cheating on you.

So how does he measure up? Are you just feeling insecure or are your instincts on point? We hope he’s not being unfaithful, but if it turns out you were right, don’t let that adulterous man get away with it. Put an end to him today—you deserve better!

If you’re not meeting the right men on your own, contact our expert matchmakers today and let us help you find the man of your dreams!

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